“Don’t come here, you ugly thing”, college students posted their parents’ chat records, really not happy

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For college students, there are many things in life that make them happy, especially in the diversified campus, it is easy to get carried away with playing. Therefore, students often forget to contact their parents, and only contact them when they need living expenses.In the eyes of students, parents may be “outdated”, unable to keep up with The Times and have nothing in common with them, but as long as students often talk to their parents, they will find that many parents are actually hidden “jokes”, often surprising language, make people laugh off their teeth.”Don’t come here, you ugly thing”, a college student posted a chat record of his parents.Even if usually students do not talk to parents, but such as students’ birthday, parents will always be the first time to send blessings, but the parents are really absolutely, not only to the students sent a red envelope, also send students “cake”, what are students waiting for?Don’t let your mother down!Meet you are her rob parents “pit baby” not only in childhood, even if the university, the ridicule or ridicule, “although you are very bad, but this is her life in the rob”, accidentally told the truth, so that the son of college students how can?I don’t know if the students were hit more after seeing it?Sometimes students may feel that they have nothing to say to their parents, but in fact their parents hide it secretly. After all, what students have experienced, they have experienced 20 years ago, and they can quickly adapt to The Times. Perhaps what separates them from their parents is not the generation gap, but their unwillingness to take the initiative.Don’t want to me, I have no money, because too many times parents understand students and know what they say then, if a student for a long time not contact, when the message tone is “flatter”, don’t doubt, affirmation is to students what parents do not need to “help”, pay will solve the problem, but the student is “start”,Have you had any similar experience?Pay a down payment, the rest of the students when needed money by stages, and parents to say after the parents may be very worried, but the parents are really “detachment” ah, is 500, clearly want parents to 50 do not say, also for installment, really have the idea, have such parents, students at ordinary times is also a lot of fun at home?May not be able to, what all can’t don’t know other parents do not always believe that website things, they will feel the truth, and had been sending students this kind of news, it’s really a smile don’t live, but from another perspective, it is also a way to contact parents and students to maintain, in fact, parents have better way to deal with this problem.The connection between the parents and students is not actually difficult to maintain, as long as the right approach, relationship will be closer and students talk more at ordinary times, happen every day a lot of things at school, are not necessarily the best, and parents act as the role of an “agony aunt”, will be virtually makes the relationship more close, can also understand what did you do in school student,Have a better life.Usually there is no need to give students too much pocket money, parents may think that it will exercise students’ economic control ability, but in fact, students are easy to form a habit of extravagance, and later to ask parents will also bring unnecessary economic pressure, so it is better to pay on schedule.In addition, parents can also cooperate with students’ chatting habits. After a long time, students will find the loveliness of parents and warm up their feelings. Even the usual “mutual damage” will become seasoning and make the feelings stronger.Both parents and students need to understand that it is important not to take things for granted.Parents and students to keep in touch, it is good for both sides, especially in the “separated” in the first place, often communication can ensure the safety of both sides, have what problem can timely understand, don’t worry, can have what problem comes in notice, whether parents or in outside of university students, is a guaranteed thing.Secondly, this can also timely find the other side of the strange emotional and psychological problems, can avoid a lot of unnecessary things happen, timely psychological counseling, but also avoid unnecessary trouble.In general, it is good to talk often, so students can also take the initiative to communicate with their parents, do not feel that there is no common language, students take the initiative will be easier to close the relationship between the two sides, but also easier than parents “efforts”.The author’s message: “don’t think of me, I have no money”, college students and parents posted chat records, really make people laugh not to live, the new semester began, hope that the relationship between parents and students can be closer, parents in addition to care about students’ study, but also more care about students in other aspects of things.Topic of the day: How is your relationship with your parents/students?(pictures are from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete) want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Wan Qing sister