The first pure electric supercar of Lutus was launched, breaking 100 in 3 seconds, with a range of 400km and only 21.88 million units sold

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Introduction: The first pure electric supercar of Lutus launched, breaking 100 in 3 seconds, with a range of 400km, only 21.88 million units sold!In the era of electrification, the international luxury sports car brand, Lutus plans to become a pure electric brand in 2028, and will compete with BBA, Porsche and other brands in the future.Even though the road manager fame far less, but in sports circles, road, is still famous road tesla was released in 2021, the first production electric supercar – road, Evija official to top for pure electric supercar, positioning, 3 seconds to break the range of 400 km, it is important to note that the price is as high as 21.88 million yuan!Appearance, new car is based on the road, new sports car platform building design inspiration comes from the road test of ultimate supercar Hypercar, the feeling of a car is more like a shark head, trunk lid before two modelling of inlet swirl dart is the most characteristic point on the car, at the same time also play its proper role in aerodynamic part;Vertical arrangement of LED headlamp shape three-dimensional structure prominent, the overall outline full and full of tension.Below the design of a three-section grille and air duct, the overall shape follows the aerodynamics!At 4412/1895/1225mm, it is indeed higher than any other model in the Lutus family, which means it will be the lightest mass-produced pure electric supercar ever built.Body side, road, Evija sharp is still under the light scattering, also can see strewn at random have the light and shadow, deserve to go up the door back and narrow black grooves is designed, further enhance the sideways movement of breath, the design of the tail and more exaggerated, also adopts the design of the diversion channel grooves around using tail lamp decoration, lighting after more strong visual impact!Interior, work materials worthy of ten million luxury car, turn fur material wrapped three type sport utility flat bottom steering wheel, steering wheel above engraved model LOGO.The central console is equipped with a mechanical shift mechanism.There are more touch screen buttons under the console, and it is more convenient to operate, and it is easier to bring better lightweight, easier to control, and the compact dashboard has brought a good sense of science and technology to the car!In terms of performance, Luteus Evija adopts pure electric four-wheel drive power system, with a maximum power of 2000 horsepower (1470 kW) and a maximum torque of 1700 N · m. The powerful power also enables the car to accelerate 100 seconds under 3 seconds, and the 0-300 km/h acceleration time is less than 9 seconds, and the top speed is more than 320 km/h.And the downforce at extreme speed is more than 1700 kg, more than the weight of the car itself, so that the body becomes more stable at high speed, its WLTP comprehensive operating range of 400 km, in 350kW DC charging environment from 0% to 100% can be as low as 18 minutes!Mingo comments on Rutes Evija as a maximum power up to 2000 horsepower “super beast”, its 21.88 million price also let those local rich heart, the pure electric version of the model, once again let people full of expectations, and the new car is expected to formally start delivery in May this year.Also let Lutus Evija become the first to eat crab super luxury brand!The first pure electric supercar of Lutus was launched, breaking 100 in 3 seconds, with a range of 400km and only 21.88 million units sold!What do you think about that?Welcome to leave your comments!