“This village has no cheat!”Liuyang City Huaichuan street “fancy” to promote the national anti-fraud

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Liuyang Huaichuan street Beizheng community Fuxingyuan community was evaluated as “no cheating community”.Walking into Fuxingyuan residential area, Beizheng Community, Huaichuan Street, Liuyang City, there is a sign standing at the gate, which is very eye-catching: “There is no fraud in this community”.What is the origin of this “golden signboard”?Originally, this is beizheng community to improve residents anti-fraud awareness, promote the anti-fraud launched by the new measures.”Anti-cheating community” “anti-cheating Spring Festival couplets” “anti-cheating allegro”……In recent days, the Huaichuan street anti-fraud propaganda to play a “new pattern”, promote anti-fraud knowledge into the brain into the heart.”No fraud community” to “we have to continue to rework efforts, in-depth anti-fraud propaganda, in order to firmly hold this’ golden signboard ‘!”January 24, huaichuan street community and Huaichuan police station responsible person together to the community to send “2021 without cheating community” the “word signs.”Took over this honor, fuxing source area industry authority, property and resident representatives both excited and excited.The relevant person in charge of the north community introduced, there are three “golden standards” for the selection of “no cheating community” : one is no cheating cases, no cheating dens, no cheating situation;The second is the establishment of anti-fraud “mass defense quick counter-” system;Third, the APP download rate of the National Anti-fraud Center reached 100%.To conform to the three “hard bar” to become “no cheating community”, fuxing source community is relying on “party members micro grid + five households” to establish the national anti-cheating network.When taking a walk after dinner, the resident old tao and neighbor chat, chat about the new thing that encounter: “I received a claiming to be ‘Changsha city public security Bureau’ mysterious phone, accurately report my ID card, address, bank card number, also say my bank card was used to wash black money, let me quickly cooperate to cancel.Before I certainly letter, this is not Wu director old in the group of popular science ‘one hundred types of fancy fraud case’, and before answering the phone I also received the country against fraud center APP against fraud remind, so I listen to know the other side is a liar.I also cooperated with ‘acting’ until they threw out a ‘security account’, I wrote down the account number as soon as the phone hung up, immediately handed over to our director Wu.””Tao, instead of being cheated by a swindler, you’re really good!”The neighbor heard finally happy, “is not, my daughter heard, 1 strength kua my wit!”Tao said proudly.Who is “Director Wu” in Lao Tao’s mouth?Director Wu is wu Bihui, the leader of the micro-grid of party members in the community. He is an incumbent party member working in liuyang Municipal Political and Legal Committee.Usually enthusiastic community affairs, coupled with professional characteristics, often in the community micro grid group to remind everyone, forward cheats “fancy fraud” gimmick and anti-fraud cases, but also take the initiative to help the elderly install the national anti-fraud center APP, created a anti-fraud “rhymes”.Gradually, under his drive, the community micro grid long have taken the initiative on the household publicity, community national anti-fraud center APP download rate reached 100%, anti-fraud has become a consensus.”Anti-fraud Spring Festival couplets” online “brother quick look, this couplet is really interesting!– Although the trickery of small profit can not start, as long as the eyes bright flower words can be mengxin, Horizontal criticism: as steady as Mount Tai!”Li Xikui, a resident, picked up a pair of couplets and looked at them with a smile and a shout.Originally this is the Huai Chuan street combined with the Spring Festival and anti-fraud propaganda theme, in huai Chuan Street Road Liancheng community Xiangshan international community for residents to send out “anti-fraud Spring Festival couplets.”One “interesting” and “stylish” “anti-fraud couplets” attracted many residents to stop.”This year’s couplet is different from previous years. Our old people’s anti-fraud awareness is not high enough, but ordinary anti-fraud leaflets are not popular with them, so we are thinking of writing anti-fraud propaganda into the couplet.”District calligraphy lover, old party member Zhong Yanghua is pouring ink, he and several other old party members, volunteers by huaichuan street Liancheng community invited to become “anti-fraud couplet” writing challenge “challenge Lord”.”Yes, a small paper couplets both sent blessings, and propaganda against fraud, ‘anti-fraud skills’ sent to the residents’ doorstep, it can be said that kill multiple birds with one stone!”Huai Chuan street Community staff shi Hongying in the side to help send couplets, busy.”60 aunt group” in the residents downstairs to carry out “anti-fraud allegro” characteristics of the propaganda.Community anti-fraud, I say!How to make middle-aged and elderly residents easily master the essentials of anti-fraud?A special “neighborhood micro class” opened to residents downstairs.”Now network cloud era, telecom fraud update fast;Part-time brush single there are tricks, cheat you money is the purpose…”Crisp allegro sounded, in huaichuan streets Cuiyuan community Xizi impression community, anti-fraud propaganda team is carrying out a unique “anti-fraud allegro propaganda”.”Customer service will give you a refund, call the merchant to determine…Prevent fraud shine an eye, encounter fraud alarm!”Four “five old red” volunteers, around the age of 60, formed the “60 aunt group”, they picked up allegro, writing and acting.Catchy melody, humorous sentences, “anti-fraud allegro” let everyone bright, residents sitting around, watching with relish.”This was the first time we used allegro to promote anti-cheating, and the sisters formed a spontaneous team and spent the night queuing over and over again.The success of the ‘premiere’ and the fact that people love it is the best encouragement for us.””Five old red” volunteer Li Xiaoan and her several sisters, is huaichuan street Cuiyuan community “small speaker” publicity team “resident members”, often volunteer to the community, community to carry out characteristic publicity activities.Huaichuan street Cuiyuan community responsible person said, will continue to deepen the “allegro propaganda” characteristic activities, invited “60 aunt group” to the district line “tour”, while recording “anti-fraud allegro” “jingle” and other short video, share to the party members and micro grid group, further strengthen residents’ awareness of prevention.Selection of “no cheating community”, online “anti-cheating Spring Festival couplets”, carry out “five forward” publicity, innovation “anti-fraud allegri” and other characteristics of propaganda, deepen the “micro grid anti-fraud”…In the point with the surface, further promote the “police – street – society – grid” linkage process, the national anti-fraud network in huaichuan streets firmly set, ground roots.