Should English be abolished as a compulsory subject?Educational classification is important

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Whether English should be removed as a compulsory subject has been debated on the Internet for many years.Remember in 2008, this xiaobian remember this issue produced a huge controversy.As for the status of Compulsory Courses in English, this xiaobian believes that it can be solved through the education classification model.First of all, we cannot deny a point: that is, even universities, even undergraduate, also divided into academic (including scientific research) and application (including vocational undergraduate).From the point of view of social demand, the vast majority of undergraduates are also part-time workers after graduation — after all, only a small proportion can enter scientific research institutes and engage in academic research.Therefore, it is necessary to choose English as a compulsory subject according to students’ personal plans.For example, it is necessary for students to learn English if they plan to pursue an academic career.After all, nowadays many overseas publications in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and finance, economy and other fields are all in English instead of Chinese translation.So if you want to study further, you have to learn English well.Otherwise, it is difficult to be competent for scientific research work.Of course, not all research positions require Learning English.For example, ancient Chinese literature in Chinese language and literature, this kind of major really does not need to learn English.There was no need even to study mathematics.For the undergraduates of applied universities, there are also problems of whether learning English is suitable: for example, the major of translation or foreign trade is a basic skill to understand English.However, if a person studies a major that does not need English in the future, there is no need to waste the time and energy to learn English.However, primary and middle school students do not have the ability to predict the future, naturally can not guarantee that they will use English.And many parents insist that English should be removed from compulsory subjects.For this problem, xiaobian has a set of views: that is, in general, the study of the best, the probability of the future engaged in academic research is very high, and the study of medium, as well as lower, or can only choose to read application-oriented undergraduate, or can only read junior college or even high school graduation directly work.For this part of the students, the probability is very difficult to use English.Therefore, English education should be reformed in the following ways: First, schools should provide free English education to those who are at the top of their study.Second, the school will not provide Free English education to the students who are not good at English, that is, if they do not want to learn English, the school can not let them learn It.And for those who want to learn English well, they can pay special tuition fees to learn English — essentially the same as primary and middle school students.At the same time, in the entrance examination, some key universities can require students to have English scores, while non-key universities do not require students to have English scores.In this way, for students and parents who do not want to learn English, English is in effect dropping out of compulsory subjects.English is still a free subject for students who are good at it but don’t want to pay extra.It’s the best of both worlds.