The first train to return to work after the holiday in Heilongjiang province

2022-04-25 0 By

The K7089 train left Daqing station at 20:43 on July 7, more than 330 employees from Daqing Oilfield Co., Ltd. took the special train to the hulunbuir oil field, according to the reporter from China Railway Harbin Bureau Group Co., LTD. It was the first special train to return to work after the holiday in Heilongjiang Province.According to understand, as the returning passenger flow, daqing region 4 passenger train to hailar cannot meet the needs of the enterprise return, to help enterprises solve the field worker return to return to work hard, Harbin bureau group co., LTD. To assist in daqing oilfield limited liability company to carry out staff travel, tailored for the enterprise of oil field worker return to return to work train operation plan.During the Spring Festival travel rush, 10 air-conditioned car bodies were specially mobilized to carry out comprehensive equipment maintenance and vehicle disinfection to meet the travel needs of oil workers.According to the introduction, daqing Station, which is responsible for transportation organization, provides special contact, waiting area, and special person guidance services for oilfield workers. It timely deals with group ticket purchasing, opens more entrance channels, carries out ventilation, disinfection and cleaning work in advance in waiting area, and cooperates with local government to strictly implement epidemic prevention measures such as scanning code and temperature measurement.Personnel should be set up for guidance in ticket checking and entering, security check, waiting and riding.Small speakers, electronic display screens, station radio and other carriers are used to broadcast the epidemic prevention and control measures and precautions for boarding trains, and guide migrant workers to disperse and take seats.Images by the railway department to provide one taken at the same time, the service experience of Harbin railway departments carefully deploy passenger traffic section of Beijing team trains the staff responsible for the work of flight, good ventilation and epidemic prevention disinfection cleaning work and train in advance for passengers disposable surgical masks and disinfection liquid soap, to create favorable conditions for health and safety of travel.Copyright notice: Reprint in any form without permission is prohibited