Hey, did you go home

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Photo source:Figure full-text taken 1718 words, reading requires four minutes in magic, rush hour, when the subway stop is jostling packed full of people, when the streets are no longer heavy Ma Longpai, like the long vehicle, when the wandering head is no longer just across the screen to declare the date of the home in the home,When ecstasy is not repressed.Well, it’s time to get together with your family.Xiao Nian, I wish my dear friends a happy holiday, at this moment you and family reunion?When people remembered that reunion was just a ticket or a leave of absence, the epidemic now seems to be a new obstacle among all the obstacles that have been removed.Nucleic acid testing, as well as the possibility of the outbreak at any time, can not help but make some people have to choose local Spring Festival for their own interests.Traveling friends, still cautious, returning home with a tinge of excitement, at the same time the heart is also praying for the best.Therefore, travel friends must actively cooperate, continue to wear masks, do not neglect the same rules and procedures.This invisible smoke, we need everyone to participate in and work hard to overcome it, so that we do not have to in the end of the year, shuttle in crowded places are still masked heroes, this mystery, it is time to be unveiled, we will overcome the difficulties.There is love there is warmth, this is how I feel about home, dad loves mom, they all grow old together.Of course, in the future, I will go out of the family of origin, to form my own new family, but the time, place, people, unknown.My parents’ love for me is the biggest fortress of my spirit, which can make me brave and fearless, and also a strong backing whenever I encounter problems.The longer I grow up, the farther away I am from home, and the shorter time I spend together in a year, the more I can count.This is the situation of most young people living and working in different cities.I can’t help but think back to the winter holiday when the family sat around the table to eat a rich dinner scene.If it is really a good memory, it is very moving, just thinking about it makes me feel very happy.It was a few days before the New Year’s Eve, the family is the most busy time, mom and dad will cooperate together, with flour.My mother is responsible for the stuffing of the buns. There will be stuffing of vermicellin, red bean and sesame. The buns made by my mother are both good-looking and delicious.Dispose of fresh ingredients together, such as live chicken and fish, and gut them. After cleaning, some of the chicken and fish are processed again.Clean the whole chicken will be discussed on a layer of seasoning, tied up with a rope, hanging in a cool and ventilated place, after a few days, will become dried salty chicken, stew with pressure cooker, meat tight bullet teeth.Fish is the whole small carp mixed with flour seasoning fried good, large fish is cut into moderate size fish pieces, also fried.And fried crispy meat, whenever this time, I would gather around my mother, all out of the pot cooked food, I was the first to taste, and will give comments, to see if the salty taste is ok.Mom and dad are very good at cooking, I will say, very delicious.The dinner will be a little simpler, but on New Year’s Eve, it must be the stage for mom and dad to show their best dishes.The four of us like my father’s braised carp, my mother’s tremella jujube soup and shrimp laver soup, and other dishes have their own strengths.Those are the memories and tastes that I felt most at home with my parents, younger brothers and sisters.Now it is a long time did not spend the off-year at home.After work, however, I still go to the restaurant to order what I want to eat.A delicate plate, with good-looking food presented in front of the eyes, really delicious, but taste the taste, always feel a little less what, less the taste of home, the taste of love.There are not many people in the shopping mall, and friends in the circle of friends are also Posting their mood states at home or about to go home, presenting pleasant and beautiful things.On the way back, I saw the orange street lamps were really dazzling. The small Windows of the high-rise buildings in the distance were emitting a faint white light. In fact, the human body would feel bright only in them.The community is also dressed up the atmosphere of the New Year, yellow flashing bright is the artificial five-pointed star LED lights.Still have the lamplight that color of high saturation of red orange yellow green shows tacky slightly, but their ornament is there in dark night, accordingly, appear with before dark night very is extraordinary.Red lanterns hung high, the red lights, looking at the festival is very good, the heart is also very happy, the rest is silent count home countdown.Looking forward to the journey home and the moment of arriving at the destination, I packed up my belongings early.It seems that every New Year has its moments that are especially good and especially hard.In short, life is full of drama and uncertainty, but each moment is the most real and unique, and should be treasured.Time moves faster or slower depending on how you spend your day.Some things, no longer insist, but redefine and think, learn to like yourself, forgive yourself, do not complain.Give yourself more hints and encouragement of positive energy and you will feel the tension of life and the power of infinite possibilities.I also wish my dear friends a happy New Year, a happy family, good health and peace!22-1-25 Write Thank you for your attention