Liu Cixin’s “Full Band Jamming” is likely to be made into a movie. Are you looking forward to it

2022-04-26 0 By

Liu Cixin’s “Full Band Jamming” is about to meet with everyone in the form of a film, according to the publicity of the film production on the net.Some people say that the novel is “outdated”, thinking that when Liu wrote the full frequency band, he probably did not expect that the international situation would change so fast, the development of the military industry of the motherland could have so fast, and readers’ military knowledge would progress so fast.Although the whole band barrage jamming in general is a already has a story behind The Times, from the technical level, however, may be out of date, but from a strategic level, at all but when expressed expectation, also wish to succeed, because like this novel, but very difficult to think he is successful, this should see the adaptation level of the writers.What do you think about that?