Sixiaoxi team and Diudiujiang character introduction

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Defective robot, a little breath voice actors: ro ‘jo age: 14 birthday: August 21 (Leo) zodiac: dog identity: the big rate adopted son, recess team captain, interspace expedition member elf: m cut, small bean sprouts fusion (has been), Cain, fire orangutan (the tenth season return), Montana: boxing, earth recess panzerfaust, invincible hot wheels family:My father once said, even junk has its own value.Self through five years of production of a batch of defective goods of a robot, ever afraid to be handled and ran to the snow mountain, is a great interest (the father) received, became a father son, always dream of being a stellar exploration, due to the arm often short circuit occurs at a critical moment or afraid (after season 6 episode 23 have not short circuit), to become a formal crew cernet number.By chance, I got to know Xiao Mi and finally became the captain of the Team.Mika (Millet) voice Actor: Li Ye Age: 16 birthday: July 12 (Cancer) Owner: Prince of the Star of Light, the first fairy family of Sai Xiaoxi:Parent (father), mother (mother), wave (brother), lai (cousin), mill (cousin) abstract: light spirit, accidentally get the recess of the first elves, real identity is one of the amadeus starlight the millet to the universe first soldier made the voice actors: Wang Zi age: 15th birthday, March 22 (Aries) zodiac: chicken identity:The future of the first soldier of the universe, sai Xiaoxi team members, interstellar explorers spirit: Gaiger, Caleb, Tiger King, King Ruth, Zoir weapons: Cut the moon double sword (need to charge) Introduction: dream to become a professional soldier iron dozen detest evil, vowed to completely eliminate all evil forces of the universe.Justice, full of passion, brave and confident warrior, with a strong fighting desire and keen sense of crisis.Has been determined to become the first soldier of the universe for the goal of unremitting efforts, and join the team of star explorers Words: Kill, look at my cut the moon double sword ah Tiedi repair mechanic · Lulu Voice actor: Zhang Anqi Age: 12 years old birthday: March 11 (Pisces) Zodiac: Rat Identity:Daughter of Chef De Chef, scion of the Chef family, Team Member of The Siosi team and mechanical Doctor, star Explorer Elf: Lisa Bub, The Quick Wasp, Nicolo Family: Chef De Chef (Father)The descendant of the cook family, has the cook mode in the body, the cook mode was activated in the third season, episode 3, has superb maintenance skills, is an excellent female Cyr robot, the crisis head will stretch out a variety of tools.Full of love and responsibility, every time to see a new spirit will be ecstatic, sharp mouth bean curd heart, frank and honest, do what is very urgent, do not consider the consequences.She idolized Justin Webmaster indescribable, in order to become the most powerful Dr. Sal as the goal, join the team of star explorers in the Lulu substitute · Xiao Lin voice actor: Wang Yanhua Age: 25 years old birthday: November 25 (Sagittarius) Zodiac: Pig identity:Alternate member of the Sisix Team, student of Dr. Sean and Dr. Pat, Star Explorer, nurse of the Cyr’s treatment room Genie: Greene Mentor: Dr. Pat, Dr. Pat Weapon: Hydrogun Introduction:Dr. Shane and Dr. Pat’s co-student and assistant are among the latest to graduate from Thayer College, majoring in intelligent mechanics and elven speciation, and becoming thayer nurses in thayer’s Treatment room.Not very good temper, more irritable.After recovering the Green, she joins the team of star explorers influenced by the friendship between Celluloid and Sei Xiaoxi.Diu diu sauce, a 10-year-old female small self, character is very stupid, is active, IQ is not high, was born three months when the group adopted the recess, from then on, they became the most intimate friends, racing team recess and diu diu sauce live slay “in love” everyday: diu diu sauce bright moon princess voice actors Liu Hongyun said by: “pleasant goat and Wolffy foreign rescue of identity:The 2 princess of strange cat country, the younger sister of tomorrow is introduced: “the exotic country of happy sheep sheep and grey too Wolf rescues greatly” the role in, the life is in strange cat country, also be the princess of bright moon of strange cat country