Happy and polite, baise Huff red rabbit highest discount 0.18%

2022-04-27 0 By

Holding the car money hesitant you are still in the car and wait-and see, the current Baise Canton rise Hafu 4S shop Hafu red rabbit price 0.02 million color optional, now the car is sufficient, preferential time 02.13-02.13, hesitant friends might as well go to the store personally test drive, shop address:Baise City Chengdao road and east Ring Road intersection of industrial products market promotion time From February 13, 2022 to February 13, 2022 preferential conditionsIn the store on insurance, in the store, in the store loan, in the store replacement hafo red rabbit latest quotation model manufacturer guidance price/subsidy price discount margin baise quotation engine version 1.5T platinum rabbit 123,800 yuan 0.02 million 123,600 yuan engine version 1.5T gold rabbit 117,800 yuan 0.02 million 117,600 yuan engine version 1.5TSilver Rabbit 109,800 Yuan, 0.02 yuan, 109,600 yuan