Naran Rongru: Who is that woman who is a lover for life?Lu shi or Shen Wan?

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(1) The birth of Naran Rongruo Naran Rongruo, his real name is Naran Xingde.Yehna na shi, the original name of Nalan Chengde, because of avoiding the Qing Prince Baocheng, and renamed sex De.Nalan Rongruo was born in Manchuria, and his father was Nalan Mingzhu, a top official during the Kangxi period.Such a proud family, Rong Ruo did not enjoy wealth and honour, but advanced in learning, at the age of 17 into the imperial college, 18 years old, 19 years old cheng Gongshi, had missed the temple examination due to illness, three years later to participate in the examination, the second seventh, given the Jinshi.The existence of Naran Rongruo is the pride of the Qing Dynasty.Because at that time, Kangxi promoted the Manchu, Mongolian and Han families, but the Han people thought that the Manchus could not write and ink, until the emergence of Nalanrong Ruo, let the literati bow.Naran Jonjo was 22 years old when he became a jinshi.If the face that likes by Kang Xi is left by Kang Xi to do guard, accompany Kang Xi to go on patrol for many times.According to The love of Kangxi to let if, as well as let if his own ability, let if the future will be no less than his father’s official post, but is both civil and military let if, bright future let if, defeated in the feelings, and ill.(2) The first woman to fall in love with 19 years old Naran Rongruo, and Lu married, the couple harmonious, lingering kindness, three years later, Lu died in childbirth, giving Rongruo the first fatal blow.But if the first woman is not Lu, in the absence of Lu before rong Ruo also once amorous, Rong Ruo’s eldest son Fuge, birth mother Yan Shi, is from rong Ruo’s side of the servant girl.Only unfortunately, yan shi color just right, but with wenwu shuangquan if the capacity does not have common language however, yearn for the capacity of this high mountain and flowing water, eventually met the Lu family match, original music and melody, but because of childbirth, if the capacity lost Lu Shi, also lost his first woman in love with.In order to let Rong Ruo away from his dead wife’s thoughts, Rong Ruo married guan Shi.Guan, the daughter of a first-class duke, grew up in the capital. She did not have Lu’s talent, nor did she have Lu’s tenderness.The existence of official family, did not let let let if forget dead wife Lu family, even more yearning.At this time, the grieving Rong Ruo meets a second woman who fascinates him. Unlike rong Ruo’s other concubines, she has only a surname, and she has her own name in history.The woman’s name was Shen Wan, a Woman of han Dynasty.Two people meet because of the introduction of gu Zhenguan, a good friend of Rongruo.Fond of poetry rong Ruo, after seeing Shen Wan’s words, yearning for this woman heart.At this time, Rong Ruo had to leave jiangnan and return to the capital due to the summons of the emperor.And Shen Wan can stay in jiangnan only a person, two people thousands of miles letter, gradually affection root deep plant.Because of the common love of literature and poetry, they have endless words to say.Until let if accompany Kangxi next jiangnan, once again saw the heart of Shen Wan.At this time if let Shen Wan back to the capital, hoping to shen Wan na into the house.However, Shen Wan was not only a han girl, but also a geisha in the South of the Yangtze River. With such a status, it was impossible for the Nalans to accept such a woman as a concubine.Of the person in the home do not understand, let if be forced to put beloved woman secretly in a mansion, two people live a happy life like cheating.(four) who is the woman of that whole life a pair of people is full of to Shen Wan’s guilty, let if feel sorry Shen Wan, with each passing day idea is depressed, although Shen Wan accompanies in the side, let if still be seriously ill pass away.And right now Shen Wan, did not rely on not only, still have a possum son rich sen.Nalan Pearl did not admit the existence of Shen Wan, but brought the grandson back to Nalan House, bred up.Shen Wan was alone and no one knew where she was.Naran Jonjo died at the age of thirty and at the age of thirty.He left his wife without support, his children without support, and his famous book of Drinking Words.Left behind is the posterity of his favorite people guess, that life a pair of woman is who?Who is that lovesick woman who does not love each other?He said that if life is only as the first, maybe only once, will not have the separation of life and death.