【 urgent reminder 】 The Spring Festival cheater does not have a holiday!Someone has fallen for the same old trick again

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During the Spring Festival holiday, citizens brush their mobile phones and play games more frequently at home, and the chances of experiencing online fraud increase.Online part-time job brushing is one of the most common but often is the most successful fraudsters of a fraud.Small sweetener, big trap, once you let your guard down and believe the “good thing” can make money at the touch of your finger, you will fall into the con artist’s elaborate scheme.”I accepted the assignment because I was anxious to get my money back, but the other party kept making excuses for not paying me back.”On February 4, the fourth day of the year, Ms. Liu, who lives in Heshan District, came to the public security organ to report to the police, about their experience brush single fraud remorse.On the afternoon of February 3, Liu received an invitation from a stranger on wechat, who invited her to a wechat group that claimed to make money by brushing bills on a part-time basis.With an attitude of trying, Ms. Liu downloaded an APP called “Douyin Media” as required by the other party and began brushing orders.Following the guidance of her in-app mentor, Liu tried several tasks, and they all returned the principal and commission in time.On the second day after tasting the sweet taste, Ms. Liu received a brushing task of 5,899 yuan from the other party. After transferring the money to the designated account, the other party said that the operation was wrong and she could not withdraw the money, so she needed to continue making an order of 18,777 yuan to return the cash.According to the induction of the other party, Ms. Liu and brush two single, the result of the other party and asked Ms. Liu to continue to brush single, Ms. Liu just realized cheated, the total was cheated more than 60 thousand yuan.This kind of fraud, the use of recruitment website, text messaging and WeChat QQ group issued false part-time (brush to electric business platform shops in order to enhance sales, credibility, etc.) information, with high returns as bait, to use real brush single part-time work process, can give a point of interest at first, after being the victim transfer, take the duplicate of wrong operation, tasks, etc. As an excuse,The victim is asked to continue the remittance.The police repeatedly reminded that network fraud is not difficult to prevent, not greedy not turn not fooled.In order to keep their own wallet, not to the New Year “add to the blockage”, please friends seriously study anti-fraud knowledge, download and install the “National anti-fraud center” APP as soon as possible, one key open fraud early warning, do not let the opportunity to cheat!Number of issues | Issue of Article 1 of 1447 | Review by Nie Wen | Edited by Zhang Jian | Wang Wei