The mood, empty as field

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Name: Empty Words: Snow without shadow Song: Snow without shadow sing:Still familiar with the strange feeling of repeat once the plot also just miss a trickle broke up a little bit of a page of an article but also more than three hundred days but I am afraid to meet my puzzled over the year this year seems to be no change in the world you left empty at night are the arrival of the winter night sad I never refused to also is empty empty anyway I puzzledWandering in the street stone path once a year a radiant smile today but all the stars are collapse too empty muddle along is my sketch doesn’t matter now let pain overlap “familiar with the strange feeling, repeat once the plot, also just miss, a little bit of a trickle, a page of an article, break up but also more than three hundred days, but I am afraid to meet.”This is the verse.Through the overlapping of antonyms, seemingly contradictory, in fact, in order to strengthen the heart of the singer after parting of the beautiful and lost emotions interleaved, I paid so much sincerity for that person, paid all my own.The final outcome, but broke up more than 300 days, nearly a year, how much pain, how much warmth, repeatedly tortured in the heart.The collocation of antonyms caused the semantic dislocation of the language, but the feeling was perfect collocation.Because you really tried to give their all after the kind of feeling of breaking up, you will feel this narrative and lyric, how considerate to break up the heart, DO not know what you think, anyway, I am so comfort.This contradictory feeling to each other, in the heart of the breakup makes her doubt: the past happened good whether really exists, whether your love has really given me, whether love has happened in our hearts.If not, then why am I in pain and loss, if yes, then why do I not feel clear.Once the love, has a kind of uncertain appearance, like the scene of love in the heart to the top of one’s heart.Finally, be like the bubble below sunshine again general, fly away with the wind, easy disillusionment.”I don’t understand for a year, this year does not seem to change, guarding the world after you left, empty, the day and night are winter night, the arrival of sadness I never refuse, anyway, is empty.I have been ignorant for a year, wandering in the flagstone road of the street, once bright smile is now empty, all the stars have died out, muddle along is my sketch now, there is no pain overlap.”This is the refrain, repeated three times in the song, the kind of broken up after the loss of empty, empty emotions for atmosphere creation, language intensification and emotional catharsis.Why, then, “ignorant and empty”?Is it love that comes, not a choice?Or love young, do not understand the true meaning of love?It doesn’t matter. None of it matters.The use of reduplication is only to reinforce the psychological state of stagnation of personal life and blankness of mood after love is gone.Here, who are the people in love?Is a man?Is a woman?Is a lover?Precious time?Is it something you love?Is a person?Is the content?It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter anymore.What is important is the confused state after the brokenhearted, the feeling of emptiness in the heart, and the real feeling of heaviness and relaxation.It’s finally over.Should come, has come, and experience.The past, has passed, although occasionally lingering in the heart.At that time, in love with you, my heart is so full, heart, eyes are full of deep love for you, no reason to get the least bit mysterious, is full of my deep feeling.Now, you go, my heart also followed you go, you took away my full of deep feelings honey meaning, you took away long in my heart sweet words.So, you leave, let my heart, become empty.Just like this vast world, blue sky a blue thousands of miles, without a point block block, into the eye, empty as wild.Day and night, no longer important, were cold winter nights for me.Smile and cry, no longer important, for me, are sad, do not refuse.My heart, empty, installed what are memories.Fill it up again, as long as I can forget your words, your love, your sweetness.Why not dress up everything else?Love is easy to disillusion, you love my nong picture is easy to pass away, only the SLATE paved with bluestone, is still firm, bearing all the human tragedy and joy.Once the streets were bustling and the traffic was flowing.Now the streets are empty and the air is full of sorrow and pain.A cup of wine, hurt a relationship.A glass of wine, comfort a person.How the future, unwilling to think, muddle along, through frustration, is the purpose.Scribble life, become their own real sketch of life, even if the pain stack again, and how?Still have to live the same.You see this heaven and earth, wild, empty wide, so that the people in the meantime, only feel empty.What is empty?The mood, empty as field.Empty as a field no doves fly in the sky only a few clouds wander in the rolling water no wild ducks sing freely only a few waves let the wind push the distant mountains silent near the trees scattered all the fields empty and falling like the nest in my heart I feel lonely when you are not there