Tuba rabbit installs the enterprise side strategy: installs the enterprise comprehensively to promote the home decoration industry to improve the upgrade

2022-04-28 0 By

Recently, in the seventh Tuba Rabbit Ecological Conference, leading figures in the field of economy and home decoration around the theme of “data and reality integration industry to create”, discussed the new opportunities and challenges facing the pan-home industry under the background of the national “14th Five-Year Plan” policy.At the conference site, Zeng Zhipeng, general manager of tuba Rabbit’s landing outfit business operations, presented tuba Rabbit’s 2022 outfit business strategy to all the participants.Zeng Zhipeng said that for the current outfit enterprises, want to occupy a place in the increasingly fierce market competition, flow, products, services, delivery is still the core topic, but also the key factor to win at one go in the competition.In 2021, Tuba Rabbit through improving digital capabilities, with four themes as the core, the transformation and upgrading of the decoration enterprise.First of all, by starting from the current specific market situation, rethink the definition of the operating system of decoration enterprises, carry out a certain deconstruction, to empower decoration enterprises.Secondly, the innovation of connection scenarios, through the introduction of enterprise micro online user connection, improve user experience, improve the conversion rate of enterprises.At the same time, strengthen the service guarantee of the platform, improve professionalism, and provide users with better products and services.For example, to strengthen workers’ skills training, improve the image of enterprises in site management, to enhance competitiveness.Finally, we will make efforts in all aspects to enhance the ability of “guest retention” in terms of content and activities.It is reported that in 2021, tuba rabbit online booking conversion rate increased by 26.02% year on year, and with 102 decoration enterprises, launched the brand empowerment “home together plan”, successfully covering nearly 30 cities across the country, helping businesses to complete brand exposure more than 600 million times, has made a great contribution to the promotion of business visibility.Looking to the future, Zeng Zhipeng believes that Tuba Rabbit will not forget its original aspiration, always around the platform to install enterprises both inside and outside the force.For example, expand your user base by producing unique content that is differentiated (word of mouth reviews, live action cases, etc.).It can not only improve user trust, but also accurately obtain a larger customer base.In addition, decoration company signing transformation ability is also the core level.Tuba rabbit will create value as a starting point, deep implementation of the amount of room scene, shop scene and contract link, to help the decoration company, always provide quality service for the purpose of users, to create quality decoration enterprises.In improving the operation capacity of the decoration company, Tuba rabbit considering the specific market demand, decided to use layered operation strategy, take the landing mechanism, combined with the effective operation strategy, so that the overall capacity, customer unit price and output value is no problem to improve, to effectively reduce operating costs, improve business competitiveness.I believe that with such a detailed and rigorous development strategy, in 2022 Tuba Rabbit will also show a qualitative leap in the integration of enterprises, helping quality decoration enterprises to upgrade the value.