A field interview with FLIR Si124: Small, convenient and accurate in locating gas leaks

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FLIR Si124 is known to help locate high-voltage leaks in compressed air systems and detect partial discharges in high-voltage electrical systems. To give you a better idea of how it works in practice,We asked Mr. Soichi Yagyu, President of Minalco, Mr. Yamaguchi, General Manager of Manufacturing, and Mr. Iwade, General manager of Operations, to share their thoughts on FLIR Si124 from a practical perspective.Minalco co., Ltd. is the only professional manufacturer of atomized aluminum powder in Japan with a history of more than 104 years.Minalco continues to develop and improve its own manufacturing system for the Japanese market, and its product supply model is flexible. The functionality of its products has won high recognition in the market, and the demand for its products has been growing steadily.Are FLIR Si124 fans familiar with its features?The whole process includes installation of FLIR Si124 products and accessories in the early stage, fault detection of high-voltage line equipment in the middle stage, and data analysis of test results in the later stage. The whole process is very detailed!It’s a great experience!After watching the video, let’s talk with Phil about how Minalco people understand the application of FLIR Si124. (It’s a bit long, but make sure you finish watching it.)Mr. Yagyu: I go to the factory regularly, and every time I hear the hiss in the manufacturing room, I get worried.We couldn’t pinpoint where the leak was, but we could hear the hiss.Our mie factory (Iga city, Mie Prefecture) uses many air compressors to produce aluminum powder.Typically, about 20% to 30% of electricity costs in factories are related to air.But in our factory, the proportion is as high as about 50%.Leaks directly cost extra, so we’re looking at doing something about it, but because they’re invisible to the naked eye, it’s hard to locate.If it is in a quiet environment, you can also judge the location of air leakage by sound, but in the factory, large and small noise will interfere with the sound of air leakage.We’ve heard FLIR Si124 can spot leaks even in noisy environments.In the triple plant, the air duct network is messy, and we know that it will not be easy to completely eliminate the air leakage problem, but we hope to solve the problem as soon as possible.Q2 How do you feel after using FLIR Si124?Mr. Yagyu: My first impression was that it was very simple to use and operate.We only need to observe the points suspected of air leakage with an acoustic camera, and we do not need any special training or special knowledge.During this inspection, we found an unexpected leak and visualized the loss of electricity costs.The FLIR Si124 has the advantage of showing leakages and annual leakages costs in real time, improving our understanding of manufacturing plant costs.Also, it turns out that leaks that we can’t identify are actually hard to detect with sound, which has led us to a lot of new insights.The FLIR Si124 can easily identify the location of gas leaks. Mr. Yamaguchi (General Manager of Manufacturing) : In our manufacturing plants, there is a lot of ambient noise in places like burners.I’m a little skeptical. Can a one-handed camera really find a leak?But as I walked around the plant with the FLIR Si124, I was surprised to find that we were able to detect leaks more accurately and easily than expected, and that it could also detect leaks in distant pipes on the ceiling.Mr. Iwade (General Manager of Operations) : When tracking pipes with an audio camera, there are places where you have to connect to the surrounding equipment and it is difficult to operate in small Spaces, but the FLIR Si124 can easily access those Spaces.When I heard that it was designed to be less than half the size of a normal acoustic imager, I immediately felt the advantages of its compact size.One-handed Q3 What advice do you have for people considering FLIR Si124?Mr. Yagyu: In management, there are many issues to consider, such as safety, quality, cost and so on.Carbon neutrality has become increasingly important in recent years, and FLIR Si124 sounders can easily detect gas leaks without disrupting manufacturing activities, while reducing electricity costs and carbon emissions.Real knowledge comes from practice!You can invest in a FLIR Si124 for your factory and experience the cost savings of detecting gas leaks!Modifications can be made to Si124 to identify leaks, such as changing angles or patterns for better visibility, and FLIR staff will make new discoveries every time they accompany a customer on an inspection.The most impressive thing about this is that, despite the sound of air leakage in some pipes, it was difficult to find the leak point.Normally, we would rule out the reflected ultrasound, but this time, we learned the valuable lesson of tracking the reflection to find the leak point.Q: How long does the average training take?A: It takes about five minutes to operate directly.With field training, it takes about 15 to 30 minutes to be proficient in operation (three leaks).Q: Which gas leaks can be diagnosed?Answer: air, steam, nitrogen and other pipelines, the type of gas does not matter.But the pressure must be higher than a certain level (minimum 0.3mpa).Q: How much cost can the company save?A: Assuming the size of the leak point is 1.5mm and the pressure is 0.7Mpa, it is calculated that the cost can be reduced by about 100,000 yen per year.If the size of the leak point is 12mm and the pressure is 0.7mpa, the cost can be reduced by 600,000 yen (about 32045 yuan).In most cases, more than five leakage points can be found during a 30-minute inspection of the manufacturing workshop.FLIR Si124 is lightweight and can be operated with one hand. Want to know how it works?FLIR Si124 is currently participating in the # free Trial # campaign. If you want to experience it yourself, you can click “Contact FLIR technical staff,Our staff will provide on-site demonstrations and hands-on training so you can experience all aspects of FLIR Si124