“Biden: Counter, don’t let the Chinese come to America!”

2022-04-29 0 By

China recently has been foreign input cases, east China, south China region of China have been notified COVID – 19 input cases abroad, brought a lot of trouble to the epidemic prevention and control in China, coupled with the Beijing Olympics held, the Chinese government on the one hand, strict epidemic prevention measures, on the one hand, the athletes to prepare for coming to China to attend the event all the prevention and control measures ofThe workload keeps increasing.In particular, after the omicron virus spread to the United States and other western countries, the Chinese government took emergency measures in accordance with regulations to shut down these flights to China.The move by the Chinese government, intended to ensure domestic security, was seen by some in the West as a means to suppress them, with the United States among the most vocal.As is known to all, the United States as the world of the countries most affected by the outbreak, the Mick Dijon virus in just a month of time has spread to almost the entire United States, in this case, the Civil Aviation Administration of China had issued instructions many times, reduce the number of inbound flights in the u.s., Canada and other countries, the Civil Aviation Administration of China in the country areas hit hardest by the move only in view of the outbreak,But it took no time for America’s department of Transportation to conclude that this was outright discrimination.The US transportation department has repeatedly accused China of discriminating against the United States by blocking flights from the US to China.The U.S. Department of Transportation said China’s move violates air travel agreements with the United States, so it will apply the same measure to 44 Flights from China to the United States.It is worth noting that after the introduction of the circuit breaker policy, the US government also tried to make the Chinese government compromise, saying that if the Chinese government is willing to revise the policy, then the US department will also adjust the circuit breaker policy appropriately to ensure the interests of American airlines.The implication is that if China does not adjust, the United States will take additional action against Chinese flights later, possibly increasing the number of flights that will be cut off.China’s representative to the United States says the United States is very unwise China’s representative to the United States peng-yu liu after heard this counter fusing the United States department of transportation policy is pointed out that this behavior is baseless, fusing is China flights to the United States policy implementation is affected by the epidemic situation, and execution process is completely transparent, does not exist any discrimination.Commentator said that in the United States on epidemic prevention and control of the move to more worrying, the U.S. military as a domestic epidemic prevention and control of rigid objects, after in the U.S. to Japan when she didn’t accept the nucleic acid testing for direct entry, and the soldiers nucleic acid detection results are submitted, in the final result has not come out to have been to Japan before,This irresponsible behavior directly led to a new outbreak of the epidemic in Japan, and not only the testing facilities in the United States were not put in place, but even the medical staff were rushed to the hospital. As a result, the epidemic situation in the United States has been very serious.Part of the news reference: Chengdu Radio and Television station