Is radish stomach disease “accelerator”?Warning: For a healthy stomach, remove 3 foods from the table early

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# # and healthy New Year as the saying goes, “food for the day, the stomach is first”, but now people’s diet structure change greatly, many young people are suffering from stomach trouble, “ten nine stomach”, nine in 10 people there stomach ailments, many people have experienced hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, the symptoms of bloating, belching, acid regurgitation, people don’t notice at first, slowly procrastination became a big problem.The incidence of stomach disease is getting higher and higher. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, the number of gastrointestinal patients in China is as high as 120 million, while more than 1/4 of the population in China die of stomach cancer every year, and the number is as high as 170,000.”Upset stomach” has become a common disease among young people.The stomach is one of the body’s ‘talismans’, but for many office workers it is the body’s most vulnerable organ.More and more young people suffer from stomach disease. There are many reasons for inducing stomach disease. Irregular diet, smoking and drinking lead to gastritis and stomach ulcers.Irregular meals a day lead to stomach disorders;Eating too much spicy, irritating and greasy food is a common cause of stomach problems.In addition to diet, young people’s emotional work is too nervous, great pressure, exercise immediately after a meal, these incorrect behaviors, also easy to cause damage to the stomach.In fact, there are a lot of cases in real life. Many young people feel that their bodies can carry them, but they don’t care about stomach disease, which slowly delays to stomach cancer.Early gastric cancer does not have any symptom, wait until the body sends out alarm signal, already arrived in late period, people do not take seriously, also be the fundamental factor that gastric disease increases year by year in recent years.Radish is stomach disease “accelerator”?Eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer, which is a more traditional saying, especially in winter, people like radish very much.In fact, for the crowd suffering from gastropathy, it is ok to eat some radish appropriately, radish contains rich vitamins, trace elements, can clear stomach distention, protect gastric mucosa.And radish belongs to crude fiber food, has the role of promoting defecation, if the patient has abdominal distention or constipation, eating radish can play an auxiliary effect, so said radish is stomach disease “accelerator”, such a statement is not correct, although patients with stomach disease can eat radish, but also to the right amount.1. Spicy food: For those who already have stomach problems, it is best to stay away from spicy food.Spicy food will damage the gastric mucosa, stimulate the stomach, further aggravating stomach pain, resulting in more serious stomach disease.If it is impossible to resist the temptation of spicy food, you can choose some slightly spicy food, eat less heavy spicy food, it is best to stay away from green, red pepper.2, fast food: hot pot balls, instant noodles, ham and other foods are fast food. If people suffering from stomach disease often eat fast food, it will lead to a long time of gastric empties, easy to stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, increase the corrosion of the stomach wall, and aggravate stomach disease. In daily life, we should eat less fast food.3, pickled food: often eat pickles, especially just pickled, it is easy to affect gastrointestinal health, these foods belong to nitrite food, eat too much will damage the gastric mucosa, resulting in increased incidence of gastric cancer, pickled food although delicious, but usually to reduce the consumption.As a common disease, stomach disease patients in recent years increased year by year, want to protect the stomach, first of all to control their mouth, regular physical examination, early detection and early treatment, do not delay into cancer.For more exciting content, follow Dr. Zhang’s health chat