New Year walk base | handicraft window flowers to welcome the New Year “Flavor” is thick

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Red paper-cuts are memories of the Chinese New Year, and small paper-cuts are full of sincere wishes.A pair of scissors, a piece of paper, can create a colorful world.Today, let’s talk with Ren Shuqin, the art teacher of county Experimental Primary School, and listen to her artistic love with paper-cuts.When this reporter met Ren shuqin, she was lecturing to students.Start with origami, explain and demonstrate step by step.On the walls and tables of her studio are paper-cut works of different times, themes and expressions created by her.Each piece of paper cutting works are transparent and ethereal, with strong and powerful lines, concise and vivid shapes, filled with rich artistic atmosphere.Speaking of his students’ works, Mr. Ren was full of treasures.However, the beginning of teaching work is not smooth sailing.From the original paper cutting techniques to deepen the connotation of the work, Ren Shuqin teaches students hand in hand, carving a knife, usher in the New Year, brewing the taste of the New Year.Student Mu Xuan shan said: “through learning paper-cutting with Teacher Ren, experience the charm of traditional art, feel that they can cut out some paper-cuts, paste at home, very meaningful.”A piece of thin paper, a pair of scissors, come and go, the paper between the transfer of life and story, a piece of red paper in ren Shuqin’s hands quietly change, depicting different characters and feelings.From the sage Confucius, to the scenery of Jiaxiang, to the medical workers fighting against COVID-19…Rich themes and refined techniques record the changes of history and contain deep emotions.The art of paper cutting has filled Ren Shuqin’s life. Red paper is used as canvas, and scissors are used to draw the outline carefully. Each image is rich in traditional Chinese aesthetics, and one exquisite “fu” is used to express the beautiful hope of The New Year, and also engraved ren Shuqin’s artistic life.(wang)