People who had been on the run for 27 years under false names were caught in the net

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“In the past 27 years, I have always felt that I would be caught. I once thought about turning myself in, but I never had the courage. I took chances and lived day by day.”This is the former business department of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Hubei branch of xie Shuangyan most often expressed during the interrogation with emotion, but also the most real psychological portrayal during his absconding.At 4:30 PM on October 29, 2021, a police car drove into wuhan city from gongjialing toll Station.The car escort is Xie Shuangyan, at this time from him to abscond with money, has passed a full 27 years.In September 1994, Xie shuangyan embezzled 7.34 million yuan of public funds and absconded with part of the money.In January 1995, the People’s Procuratorate of Wuchang District of Wuhan placed xie shuangyan on file for investigation.The whereabouts of Xie Shuangyan remained unknown for 27 years.Xie Shuangyan was born to a peasant family in Yunmeng County, Hubei Province. After graduating from Hubei Finance College in 1988, she was assigned to work at the Hubei Branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC).Because of her outstanding work, Xie Shuangyan was assigned to work in the securities agency of the business Department of the provincial branch, responsible for Treasury bond sales and fund lending business.However, after the issuance of a loan cannot be recovered, Xie Shuangyan fears that her bright future will be destroyed once, and has the evil idea of “using public funds to make up for the loan”.First, he looked at the stock market.In January 1994, Xie shuangyan took advantage of her position and financial loopholes to transfer a sum of 2 million yuan from the business Department directly to her stock account for stock speculation, but soon she lost only 200,000 yuan.The first time miss, unwilling Xie Shuangyan decided to gamble again.In April of that year, he also embezzled a sum of 3 million yuan of funds for stock speculation, the result is still heavy losses.In May of that year, Xie shuangyan embezzled more than 2 million yuan for futures trading with the gambler’s mentality of trying again, but still lost a lot of money.In less than half a year, Xie shuangyan has embezzled more than 7 million yuan of public funds.Right now, Xie Shuangyan began to fear, think that once things are exposed, this life is completely over.Unable to face the impending punishment, he absconded with his remaining 300,000 yuan in September of that year.Fearing her identity would be exposed, Xie shuangyan destroyed her ID card and all her photos and got a fake ID card to change her name.He absconded to Xuzhou city of Jiangsu Province, Yiwu city of Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou and other places, in 1995 fled to Nanchang city of Jiangxi Province and undertook a small restaurant to start operating, want to make a living, long-term hiding.During this period, Xie shuangyan met a woman in Ji ‘an and fell in love with her. In order to avoid exposure, he covered his true identity by saying that his parents died early, he had no brothers and sisters and had no contact with relatives long ago.In 1997, Xie shuangyan registered their marriage with the woman under the false identity of zou.Still nervous after their marriage, Xie persuaded his wife to settle down in a less populated county, fearing that he would be discovered as a fugitive if he lived too long in the provincial capital.Starting in 2002, Xie set up a stock account using his wife’s ID card to try his hand at the market again, and this time he succeeded.The success in the stock market did not make Xie feel happy, but aroused his endless remorse: “If I had not made mistakes, with my talent, I would have had a better development in the financial system, and I would not have been afraid to make money.”Xie shuangyan is well aware of the risk of exposure caused by big data. He is afraid to take photos, take trains or fly.In family life, he is a typical “two-faced man”. He is a “qualified” husband in front of his wife and tries his best to take care of the family, while in the dead of night, he has to bear the guilt alone.With the sword of Damocles hanging over Xie shuangyan, fear, anxiety and guilt plague him every moment.After Xie Shuangyan absconds, handling a case organ starts to pursue a fugitive to its all the time.After the “Sky Net” operation was fully launched, wuhan Municipal Party Committee promptly set up the Anti-corruption Coordination group Office of Fugitives and Asset Recovery (hereinafter referred to as “Wuhan Office of Fugitives And Asset Recovery”).Wuhan City Fugitive Pursuit Office listed Xie Shuangyan’s case as a listing case and designated Wuchang District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision and Wuchang District Public Security Sub-bureau to undertake, to fully carry out the pursuit work.Because the time of the incident is long, insiders or have died, or difficult to find traces, the work of chasing fugitives almost from “zero” began.In order to achieve a breakthrough, Wuhan fugitives office held a weekly case supervision meeting, urging the task force through field visits and other ways to search for traces of Xie Shuangyan.In Hubei province, the task force visited Xie Shuangyan relatives and friends one by one, but Xie Shuangyan fled and broke off contact with all relatives and friends;In other provinces, the investigation of xie shuangyan’s possible hiding places was expanded, and nearly 10 working groups were sent to 27 provinces and cities to investigate more than 180 suspicious clues and investigate more than 600 suspected people, sparing no trace.In order to further strengthen the pursuit of fugitives, in September 2021, the Wuhan Office of Fugitive Pursuit again issued a reward notice and increased the reward amount for seven fugitives suspected of major duty crimes including Xie Shuangyan, encouraging the public to report actively.Reward notice issued after the task force received the masses reflect Xie Shuangyan hidden in Jiangxi clues more.The task force immediately went to Jiangxi, and with the support of local discipline inspection and supervision organs and public security organs, carried out a blanket investigation based on the tip-off clues, and finally arrested Xie Shuangyan in a community in October 2021.”When I heard someone call Xie Shuangyan, I felt an instant electric shock. It was finally coming.”Xie Shuangyan was escorted to the car said.Since its establishment, under the guidance of the Central office and the provincial Office for the Pursuit of fugitives, 38 fugitives suspected of job-related crimes have been recovered from home and abroad, including 2 “red-handed fugitives” and 3 “red-handed fugitives”, and a large number of assets involved have been recovered, creating a high-pressure situation of “nowhere to escape”.The arrest of Xie Shuangyan after 27 years on the run once again proves that fugitives will be arrested no matter where they go and how long they run. Only by timely recognizing the situation, completely giving up illusions, taking the initiative to surrender and strive for leniency is the only correct way out.