Single Demacia vs line rock headman on LOL

2022-04-29 0 By

As an old demar, I would like to share my experience with golems and kobolds. Many players have no way with them.In the case of the pair of line stone golems, the immortal grip, blast skeleton and toughness, and the secondary triumph and toughness, this rune is very good for hitting stone golems.Level up and fold immortalization, thing come over farming the with his knife and not go out A Q, so A conservation can abort thing shields, Q damage can drop blood, if he use Q consume you, it doesn’t matter, he only put A few Q blue will work out, you’ve been pushing into the tower, waiting for you rose secondary, he didn’t level, consumption batman, he is going to fill soldiers have to come here,Is AQ, almost half blood, he didn’t rise secondary, if he is A you, batman hatred will beat him, if he didn’t rise secondary, E directly lit, turn two laps, plus the creeps and damage, the tower to kill him, this time should pay attention to their blood lines, outweighs have to flash A tower, should be your play thing, he’ll Q slow are you afraid of be replaced, that’s lost,Stone headman but can not give the economy, so has been consuming more tower, basic this line is to suppress him, after three to do a good job in the field of vision, to prevent the opposite play wild come over, play wild don’t help him, basic line ended, the tower all casually killed him!True to the line feeling, disobey to argue!