Can heavy metal exceed standard of water quality after water purifier filtration?Which water can’t be drunk?

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The living environment is constantly changing. Decades ago, the era of drinking water on the edge of the field has passed. Now, the quality of life is constantly improving.However, the media also broke the news that the quality of a lot of brands of water purifier sampling inspection is not qualified, there is the problem of heavy metal standards.What problems should be paid attention to when using water purifiers?What water should you avoid from drinking in your life?Tap water is very clean, but there is a risk of secondary pollution living in the city, every day is inseparable from the municipal water supply, and the municipal water supply after a variety of processes, can meet the “Drinking water hygiene standards”, so the boiled tap water at home is safe drinking water.But must tap water transfer to the home through pipelines, and the transmission pipeline is the risk of secondary pollution, water transmission pipeline often use iron pipe, the pipe will be affected by rust, tube, algae, such as pollution, resulting in tap water exist in the process of transmission, the risk of contamination, especially the transmission distance is longer or more old pipeline, so the water is clean,But there is a risk of secondary contamination.In addition, after the water pipeline transmission to the community, to go through the reservoir, high-rise water tank and other equipment to each household, these equipment is not cleaned for a long time or cleaning is not clean will lead to secondary pollution of tap water.In real life, the water quality of tap water in different areas varies, even in the same area, the water quality of the new community and the old community also varies.Therefore, in pursuit of higher water quality, many families will install water purifiers.Can the filtered water from the water purifier be drunk?Water purifier is divided into pure water and mineral water, there are many arguments for these two kinds of water, some people think that pure water will filter all substances clean is not good, the human body needs no mineral elements, and mineral water retains a certain mineral elements;Others argue that filtered water is cleaner and safer to drink, and that the body gets the minerals it needs from meat and vegetables.The body needs to drink a lot of water every day to maintain normal circulation and avoid dehydration.Water purifier can filter the water rust, silt and other large suspended particles;Can filter the residual chlorine in water, odor, part of organic matter;Can filter bacteria, viruses;It can filter calcium, magnesium and heavy metal ions.Therefore, as long as it is a formal, qualified water purifier after filtering water is drinkable, but pay attention to the way of drinking.Of course, the choice of which type of water purifier also needs to be decided according to their actual situation.What problems should be paid attention to when using water purifiers?There are many brands of water purifiers on the market. According to reports in previous years, the unqualified rate of water purifiers sampled in 2015 was 30%, and the unqualified rate of water purifiers sampled in 2017 was 34.9%. The main reason for the unqualified is that heavy metals exceed the standard and oxygen consumption exceeds the standard.The purified water filtered by this kind of water purifier will do great harm to human health for a long time. The original intention is to drink cleaner water, but the pollution of heavy metals is aggravated because of the quality problem of the water purifier.Therefore, when buying water purifiers, we must be careful and buy them from formal channels.Pay attention to the sanitary license approval number of the water purifier to avoid buying fake and inferior products;Do not buy filter element without model, number and production units and other information of the product;Do not purchase water purifiers that do not provide qualified information from third-party testing.Not all the water filtered by the water purifier can be directly drinkable. The water purifier is filtered through the filter element to get clean water.The filter element of the water purifier has PP cotton filter element, activated carbon filter element, ceramic filter element, ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane, RO reverse osmosis membrane, etc., all kinds of filter element has different interception ability of harmful substances.PP cotton filter element, activated carbon filter element, ceramic filter element belongs to micro filtration, filtration accuracy is generally in 0.1-10 micron, mainly to remove sediment, rust, colloid and other large particulate impurities in the water, can not remove organic matter and heavy metals and other harmful substances in the water, generally as the front end of the water filter, is more basic filtration;Ultrafiltration membrane filtration accuracy is generally 0.01 micron, can remove rust, silt, colloids and other suspended matter in water, can also remove residual chlorine in water, bacteria, macromolecular organic matter, etc..This kind of water filtration accuracy is not very high, so the water still remains harmful substances, generally not recommended to drink directly, need to boil after drinking.The filtration accuracy of nanofiltration membrane and RO reverse osmosis membrane is generally in 0.0001 micron, and the harmful substances in the water can be filtered out, only water, such water can be directly drunk in theory, and tea also has a good effect.Of course it’s safer to boil it and drink it.Water purifier to correctly install and maintain the water purifier device is not large, but there are also installation matters that need to pay attention to, the installation sequence of the filter element should not be wrong, easy to lead to changes in the life of the filter element;The installation of the filter element should be carried out according to the operating specifications, otherwise it is easy to appear the hidden danger of water leakage;The most important is the water purifier filter replacement cycle do not ignore, THE service life of PP cotton filter in 3-6 months, long-term does not replace easy to plug and breeding bacteria;The service life of activated carbon filter element is 6-12 months, and it is easy to breed bacteria without replacement for a long time.RO reverse osmosis membrane service life in 2-3 years, long-term without replacement easy to breed bacteria and secondary pollution;The life of the compound filter element is 1-2 years, and it is easy to plug and breed bacteria if it is not replaced for a long time.Therefore, the water purifier should be installed correctly and maintained correctly, the water purifier should be cleaned regularly, and the filter element should be replaced regularly.What water should you avoid from drinking in your life?Raw water refers to mountain spring water, well water, rain water and tap water that has not been specially treated or boiled. This water is at risk of excessive bacteria, pesticides and parasites. Drinking raw water directly can lead to health problems.Many people say that there is nothing wrong with drinking raw mountain spring water. Mountain spring water looks really clean, clear and transparent, tastes sweet, and has the purifying effect of nature. It feels pure natural, non-toxic and harmless.Mountain spring, in fact, there are risks, near the mountain spring of the field easily affected by pesticide, the inside of the mountain mountain spring easily affected by plants, animals, decay, resulting in the mountain spring or by bacteria pollution by heavy metal pollution, pesticide pollution, the water is also likely to e. coli to exceed bid, parasites, direct drinking water easy to cause the body out of the question.The faucet to hot water in the life of now can use hot water equipment, out of the reserve system and hot water heating system of water, not fresh, fresh water with heavy metals such as iron, copper, lead, the risk of excessive, even after boiling can smell strange, suggested cooking, cooking, boiling water don’t use the hot water.In summary, the above water purifier has done some analysis, formal and qualified water purifier can filter out heavy metals, so it can be used as household drinking water, but it should be noted whether to boil after drinking.Of course, the inferior water purifier must be unqualified. This kind of water purifier not only does not play the role of purification, but aggravates the pollution of heavy metals, which is not good for the body.For those water can not drink the problem, it is generally recommended that raw water and hot water out of the tap do not drink directly, even if the water after purification treatment, after boiling to drink, also is the safest.