Handan Congtai District heavy blows against illegal school running

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Recently, Handan City Congtai District education and Sports Bureau carried out a special investigation and rectification of illegal school running behavior, to take publicity and guidance, full participation, centralized investigation, joint governance and other ways, multiple measures to regulate the district of all kinds of schools, kindergartens and outside training institutions.According to reports, Congtai district bureau of Education and Sports to establish “the public schools self-inspection, including school leaders spot check and section-level cadres supervision” trinity level subcontracting inspection mechanism, full participation, full coverage, dragnet investigation.The bureau arranged the teaching staff of 74 public schools in the district, to the school enrollment area as the scope, along the street shops, office buildings, residential areas of all kinds of schools, kindergartens and training institutions for investigation and registration, so that the horizontal to the edge, longitudinal to the end, woven into a strict investigation network.95 compulsory education schools and 115 kindergartens in positive response, of the 80728 students and 20323 in kindergarten survey participates in training them one by one, the key information clearly, and participates in the training of students comprehensive statistical work, clear base, establish parameter, provide accurate data for the next step of clean-up work.At the same time, the district education and sports bureau package school leaders in-depth to each school, supervision of the school fine investigation.Public area from the bureau also through “CongTai education” released “to all the teachers and students and parents friends a letter”, required by each school class parents video conference, issued in the refused to participate in outside training initiative, signed with the parents “to carry out the policy of ShuangJian parents pledge” and so on a variety of forms, promote national “ShuangJian” policy,Guide parents to arrange their children to attend after-school training rationally.Congtai District has also set up a joint governance action group consisting of 33 departments such as the District Education and Sports Bureau, the District Comprehensive law enforcement Bureau and the District Market Supervision Bureau. At the same time, there are two special working groups and 16 rectification groups, covering the investigation and rectification of all kinds of illegal school running behaviors.The action group conducted a surprise inspection of training institutions within the jurisdiction, investigating more than 90 off-campus training institutions, investigating and dealing with 2 schools that opened classes without a license, and issuing 9 notices of ordering to stop illegal acts.Next, CongTai area from the bureau will continue to carry out the campaign, establishing and perfecting the illegal school screening treatment normalization governance mechanism, screening in regular school, department, LianZha, centralized regulation, expand the scope of inspection, increase the inspection frequency and investigation dynamics, to crack down on illegal behavior, effectively standardize the order of training, purification of district education environment.(Huo Wen) Source: Handan Daily Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn