Lu You is forced by the mother to divorce his wife, why is Tang Wan angry mother-in-law after all?Does it comply with the law?

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I just don’t like it.Is it enough to dislike it?In those days, it was enough.The first of the famous seven rules is disobeying your parents.What is “bad parenting”?As long as the parents (in this case, the husband’s parents, also the woman’s in-laws) don’t like you, you are “unlucky”!Why did Lu mother dislike her daughter-in-law?Some people said that he was worried about his son indulging in love and delaying his future. Some people said that Tang Wan had no children. Some people said that Tang Wan was not polite enough to serve his mother.They all seem to make sense.But think carefully, these “truth” can not become the reason to divorce his wife, at most is just an excuse.Lu you married Tang Wan at the age of nineteen.It’s not puppy love, it’s not an affair.Marriage and harmony, this will become a “future” resistance?The ancients really attached importance to “unfilial there are three, no descendants is the greatest”.But if a wife is infertile, she may take concubines, which is a very common practice.Besides get divorced soon after marriage, how can you judge is Tang Wan infertile?As for “impropriety”, it is even more nonsense.Tang Wan is Lu You’s cousin and lu you’s uncle’s daughter.Lu’s mother is Tang Wan’s aunt.Nephews and nephews should keep abreast of each other.If Tang Wan was really rude, how could Lu mother know nothing about it?How could he let his son marry such a woman?If Tang Wan was gentle and polite, even if she was just a normal person, how could she have changed her temper after marriage and become “rude” and “disrespectful” to her aunt and mother-in-law?Conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have been common since ancient times.From the point of view of modern psychology, in the words of Heart Sutra written by Zhang Ailing, “they are just two women who love the same man”, and there is naturally competition and competition.In Peacock Flies Southeast, jiao’s mother doesn’t like her daughter-in-law and forces her son to divorce his wife.Lu you’s mother disliked her daughter-in-law and forced her son to divorce his wife.Empress Dowager Cixi disliked both Empress Alut, who was in Tongzhi, and Concubine Zhenfei, who was in Guangxu, but instead of forcing her son to divorce his wife, she tortured both daughters-in-law to death.They don’t have a good reason.They don’t need a good reason.”Dislike” is the most sufficient reason.