Today’s food sharing | Miso Soup, rich taste, delicious taste!

2022-05-01 0 By

Hefei Jinhui · Yunmanxijing Garden, today’s food to share with you is — Miso soup!Miso Soup — In Korea it’s dajang, but in Japan it’s Miso.Miso soup, rich taste is also very delicious, drink a bowl of warm body comfortable.Today hefei Jinhui · Yunmanxijing Garden will take you to learn this delicious.1. Soak the sea cabbage in warm water for later use, cut the tofu into pieces and blanch them, wash the mushrooms and slice them, peel and slice the radish, remove miso and put them into a small bowl for later use, blanch the mushrooms and radish slices in boiling water, add a little warm water and stir them evenly for later use.Add tofu, mushrooms and turnips in a casserole with water and cook for 7 minutes. add tofu until holes are well. add miso sauce and sea cabbage and cook for 3 minutes.Add salt, pepper and sesame oil to taste. Add scallions and turn off heat.Very simple approach, pay attention to the collection, quickly follow hefei Jinhui · Yunmanxijing Garden learn to do it together!