Choi Min-jeong of the International Skating Federation released three photos of her foul play, and South Korean netizens were furious

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Sulting of the Netherlands won the women’s 1,000m group A short-track speed skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympics yesterday to defend her title in 1:28.391.Choi Min-jeong of South Korea finished second, a hair’s breadth apart.The South Koreans, however, were not happy with the result, arguing that Shulting’s arm block on Choi was a foul and should have been stripped of her gold medal.The INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation didn’t reply explicitly, but posted a revealing photo.Shulting was half a length ahead of Cui at the time of the victory and, more importantly, cui was holding on tightly to Shulting but still couldn’t stop her from crossing the line first, according to photos of the event posted on the OFFICIAL ISU Instagram.As if one photo wasn’t enough to respond to the Korean netizens’ obsession, the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation released three photos, one from the side and the other from the front, showing Choi pulling her opponent.The third picture shows Schulting in the lead.However, photos in the South Korean media captured the moment shulting blocked Choi, and the consensus in the South Korean media was that choi should have won the gold medal.Objectively speaking, Choi’s loss was a bit undeserved. With three laps to go, Choi was trying to pass from the outside. On the last lap, Fontana and Santos made contact and they both fell off the ice, but Choi was affected and slowed down slightly.Although fontana’s result was officially cancelled, it had no effect on the top three, so it’s no wonder Cui was crying for three minutes after the race.After the match, there was a side story of Choi crying, and the champion Shulting and the third-place finisher Demi of Belgium hugged each other. They did not seem to hold Choi in celebration.To know South Korea in the short track speed skating community reputation has long been smelly, many players have eaten in their body dark deficit and dish out.At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, South Korea’s unscrupulous practices caused such controversy in the short-track sport that the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation had to revise the rules to further regulate track behavior.A few days before the start of the short track speed skating competition, the Korean team did not collect any gold and appealed to the International Skating Federation. The INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation rejected their appeal and said that the punishment of the Korean skaters was correct.Now that the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation (ISU) has come to the final in person again, choi min-jeong, the international attitude towards The Koreans is more visible.I hope Korean athletes can learn from the Beijing Winter Olympics the spirit of fair sportsmanship. It is annoying to cry and scold after losing.