Enjoy the beautiful scenery, listen to the beauty complaints, fine taste MAO Wenxi “WUShan a section of cloud”

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When the rain is over wushan, the clouds reflect the blue sky.The far wind blows away and connects again, before twelve evening peak.Dark wet crying ape tree, high cage over the passenger ship.Chu river, several degrees of immortal.MAO Wenxi was a litterateur of the Five Dynasties. He was good at ci writing. His poem A Passage of Clouds in Wushan was very popular.Wushan lies on both sides of the Wu Gorge.There is a phrase called “Wushan Yunyu” to describe the fantastic and beautiful scenery there, just like a fairyland on earth.MAO Wenxi was a minister of the former Shu state. He traveled to Wushan several times and was inspired to write this poem.Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Wushan.The blue sky is bluer against the white clouds.Wushan mountain towering into the clouds, the top covered by clouds, rolling mountains looming.The beauty of the Twelve Peaks of Wushan mountain is breathtaking. I really want to enjoy the beauty of Wushan Mountain from morning till night.MAO wenxi provided several details about how beautiful wushan is, “dark” and “wet”, to illustrate the characteristics of the environment.Jagged rocks, so the mountain has light and dark.Wushan is cloudy and rainy, so the mountain is wet.Ancient ape full mountain, occasionally came the call of wild animals, added to the mysterious color.”High cage over the passenger ship” a little difficult to understand, can try to disrupt the word order.”(mountain) high cage passenger ship over”, is not immediately understood.Wushan lies on either side of a gorge and is not a mountain, but consists of rolling mountains.Therefore, after passing through the Wu Gorge, you need to look up and appreciate the Wu Mountain on both sides.In other words, when MAO Wenxi visited Wushan, he felt surrounded by wushan.As the boat passed through wu Gorge, the sense of siege slowly disappeared.MAO Wenxi said so much, what is he trying to express.”If I could live by the Yangtze River forever and enjoy such beautiful scenery every day, it would be like a god’s life,” he said.The ancients evaluated from the last sentence, to see the “beauty of the resentment.”Many people do not understand, the author has been in the scenery, there is no mention of beauty between the lines, why people associate with beauty?Wushan’s iconic scenic spot is called Shennv Peak. Legend has it that there is a nymph named Yaoji who lives in the mountain.Therefore, many people think that “several times to descend the immortal” implies a witch goddess.Yao Ji to help Dayu flood, and then incarnate as stone, protect the people of the three Gorges.Did the goddess resent being turned into a mountain, all alone in such a beautiful place?Does she regret it?From this point of view, it’s a pretty thing.Different people have different understandings of a word because of their experience.Regardless of whether the last sentence has anything to say about it, “A Journey of Clouds from Wushan” is a wonderful piece of scenery.Scenery is most afraid of straightforward blunt, once the beautiful scenery is described in words, often let a person feel stiff pile up.MAO Wenxi starts with details to describe the beauty of Wushan. With a sense of reality, there is a sense of empathy. Even if people have not been to Wushan, after reading this poem, the beauty of Wushan will emerge in their mind.Study hard, don’t waste your youth, Meng Jiao “Exhorts” “hate this wind”, a unique song ci number one prime minister, integrity and kindness, the Northern Song famous minister Lv Meng is praising music with poetry, Li Qi “Qin Song”