Liu Guan street: escort rework to send warm green non-toxic peace year

2022-05-03 0 By

In order to effectively improve migrant workers’ awareness of drug control and enhance their anti-drug awareness and anti-drug ability, at the end of the Spring Festival holiday, Liuguan Sub-district organized anti-drug office, police station, judicial office, village (neighborhood) committees,Anti-drug publicity activities for migrant workers have been carried out in the form of visiting villages, holding mass meetings, broadcasting anti-drug knowledge through mobile loudspeakers and distributing anti-drug publicity materials.Staff in to migrant workers who are going away, anti-drug flyers, brochures, and accepts the populace to consultation, explain in detail to the migrant workers at the same time the drug related knowledge, signed with migrant workers and the migrant workers pledge on drug control, warning them migrant workers shall abide by drug control laws and regulations, consciously resist the erosion of drug,Resolutely do not take drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs and protect their own property and life health and safety, consciously set up a “cherish life, away from drugs” healthy life concept.Also explain the types of drugs and harm to everybody, the drug control law, the drug regulations, regulations on the prohibition in guizhou and other drug knowledge and laws and regulations, by migrant workers a friend working at the same time to be cautious of dating, don’t let drug ruined his life, a call to actively fighting against drugs illegal and criminal activities, starting with me, stay away from drugs, cherish life.The activity anti-drug publicity materials out of more than 1000 copies of a, by the education personnel 2000 more than person, further enhance the drugs to prevent migrant workers, the ability to say no to drugs and drug-related effectively guard against migrant workers, drug trafficking and other illegal and criminal behavior, create and drug control for advancing a non-toxic contribute the “cleaning” initiative to work.