New teachers in uptown volunteer for Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-05-03 0 By

“Come over here, all right, everyone!”There was a burst of laughter at the home of the volunteers of “Snow Flying Yan” at the National Alpine Ski Center in Yanqing area of Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The girl in the middle is Ye Chengcheng, a volunteer for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.At the same time, she also has another special identity — a science teacher who will join the upper city education in Hangzhou Dinghui Experimental Middle School.”I have had an Olympic dream since I was a child. I am so happy to finally have the opportunity to watch and serve the Winter Olympics.”Ye, who is about to graduate from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, signed up as soon as she heard about the opportunity to volunteer.After rigorous selection of colleges and universities and interviews with the Organizing committee of the Winter Olympic Games, Ye chengcheng stood out from numerous students who applied and became a glorious volunteer of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.”I work as a volunteer assistant at the National Alpine Ski Center ‘Snow Flying Swallow’.I am mainly responsible for the guarantee of volunteers, including the organization of assessment, publicity and training, incentive guarantee, so that volunteers can better serve athletes and contribute to the Winter Olympics.”In “Snow Flying Swallow”, Ye chengcheng is busy in the stadium, volunteer home and resident every day. Although the work is very trivial and hard, she enjoys it with love.Ye Chengcheng, from Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, has been an Olympic fan since childhood.”I watched the Olympics for the first time when I was in first grade and my teacher gave me a summer assignment — to memorize some Olympic champions.The first day of school my mother sent me to school on the way has been ‘Xiong Ni, Kong Linghui’ so repeated, let me remember.Since then, I have been a faithful viewer in front of the TV at every Olympic Games, even sleeping on the sofa in the living room to stay up late to watch the final.What impressed me most was the time when the women’s volleyball team came back from 0-2 down to win the title at 3-2.””When Beijing won the bid in 2008, I asked my father: ‘Does Wenzhou have a chance to host the Olympics?’My dad said it was unlikely.Now that I’m actually standing on the Olympic field in Beijing, it’s like a dream come true.”In early 2022, Ye chengcheng joined Hangzhou Dinghui Experimental Middle School through recruitment and selection, and will become a science teacher.”I love the Olympics and I also love the teaching profession.After joining Hui Middle School and Shangcheng Education, I will bring the Olympic spirit to my students. I will engage in education with scientific and rigorous attitude and active motivation, and I will change my heart with love!”Ye said the unforgettable volunteer experience will be a good foundation for her future teaching career.Go to the future together, pack up and start again.I believe that after ye Chengcheng transforms into Teacher Ye, she can pass on the volunteer spirit from generation to generation, take root and sprout in the hot land of campus, and make every child become a better self!