Salute shousui bus | mission responsibility in shoulder to send thousands of families reunion

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HAPPY NEW YEAR Spring Festival represents a reunion for most people but for the bus during the Spring Festival means responsibility and dedication they are ordinary people they both ordinary and extraordinary they flesh-and-blood sentient beings have righteousness because of love and faith to bear on their post with guarded each life from now on we opened salute “shou sui bus” column to hold position in jinanPay tribute to “23, sugar melon sticky, 24, sweep the house.”According to the rural custom, after the off-year, every family began to prepare for the busy New Year, this year is no exception.When every family ready to busy year, Ji ‘nan bus K72 road driver Cheng Yurong to the old father, old mother said: “This year’s New Year, I can’t go back…”Cheng Yurong’s hometown is Pingyin. Her parents, who are over 70 years old, make a living by farming. Her younger brother, who is in his 40s, is mentally handicapped.In the summer of 2021, the old father accidentally fell while working in the field and broke a leg. All the family burdens fell on the old mother herself.Cheng said that every year he would bring his wife and children home for the Spring Festival.The old man in the family is old, and his brother can’t help him. The busy year mainly depends on cheng Yurong and his daughter-in-law.Lao Cheng can’t go home this Spring Festival.As a result of the epidemic, the number of foreign people to stay for the New Year has increased, the team increased the number of shifts according to the operation plan, and increased the intensity of elimination. Cheng Yurong, as a five-star driver, did not hesitate to sign up, chose to give up his small family and take care of everyone.During the Spring Festival of 2020, Lao Cheng volunteered to join the epidemic prevention and control commando team because of the need of the epidemic and stayed at the railway station for more than 40 days.HAPPY NEW YEAR!A few days ago, a ruixue quietly.Cheng Yurong as a team of party member driver, came to the team early snow deicing.Old Cheng said that in his rural hometown, it was market day at 20 years old. He had planned to take half a day to go home for the elderly to clean up and buy some New Year’s goods in advance. However, the snow was the order, and Old Cheng took the initiative to stick to his post to escort passengers on snowy days, but he failed to return home as promised.In the afternoon, a cousin from the next village sent a video to Cheng, in which his father used crutches to clear the snow and his mother combed the hair of his grandmother, who was over 90 years old. The driver, known by passengers as the smilest, burst into tears.Before the first rays of New Year’s Eve woke up the city, Cheng yurong had warmed up his car and was ready to start his new journey.Although reunion is happiness, and stick to it is a kind of responsibility.Cheng Yurong is just one of the ordinary bus people, with their love of work, stick to the post, loyalty to the enterprise, commitment to the society, in their own ten meters carriage silently pay, only for more family reunion, more passengers safe travel!Scan code attention to our source/trunk company editor/Wu Yu proofread/Han Long responsible editor/Sang Ran supervisor/Cui Fangfang