Sanxingdui, another discovery!

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As the Year of the Tiger approaches, sanxingdui’s “blind box” is new again!No. 8 “Sacrificial pit” found a bronze dragon tiger “god beast”.The head has two horns, gold bottom tiger stripes beast body, half dragon, half tiger, strange shape…Zhao Hao, associate professor of The College of Archaeology and Museology of Peking University, who is in charge of the excavation of no. 8 “Sacrificial pit”, said, “This is another bronze ware that has never been seen before. It has been temporarily named as the bronze statue of tiger head and Dragon body.”Tiger head dragon body bronze head.”When the last layer of ivory was pressed on top of the object, we were all looking forward to it, because the excavators at the site were sure they were going to see something that had never been seen before.”Zhao hao described his feelings when he first saw the relic.The forelimb of the bronze statue stands on a triangular copper support, with its rear arm turned up and welded to another piece, holding a bladed object in its mouth and a bird in the front with cinnabar painted in the shade of its surface, Zhao told reporters.The most interesting thing is that there is a very round eye in the middle of the eye of the bronze statue with black color (the material has not been tested yet), which can be called the finishing touch.The “tiger stripes” on the body of the bronze statue.(Photo by Zhao Hao) At present, the cultural relic base is 55 cm wide and 85 cm high, with part of it still in the soil. The overall appearance is very worthy of expectation.”There have been dragon shapes in Sanxingdui before, but it is the first time that they appear in this volume and in the form of round carving. There is still a lot of soil on the surface of the cultural relic, and I believe it will be very gorgeous after it is cleaned up.”Zhao Hao said.The bird in the front section of this relic.As for the purpose of the bronze, “I really don’t know what it’s for.””One is that the object has not been fully excavated and exposed, and the other is that the object is not alone, but part of a larger object,” Zhao said.Source: Xinhuanet Editor: Xiao Yu