A villager in Huludao, Liaoning province, has been detained for beating an epidemic investigator

2022-05-05 0 By

Recently, a local police station in Xingcheng City, Huludao, Liaoning province, dealt with a case related to prevention and control of the epidemic in a timely manner.On February 9, Xingcheng alkali factory township four village director Liu mou and the village group leader Wang mou to the area to carry out epidemic investigation work, the organization of villagers to fill in the epidemic investigation form, when the investigation to the villagers gao home, found in some people are gathering to chat.Village cadres advised everyone not to gather, to actively cooperate with the epidemic investigation work.At that time, from the alkali plant township alkali plant village in the work of the village cadres is not cooperate, after a quarrel with the group leader Wang mou, and beat wang Mou, resulting in wang 4 teeth were knocked off.After receiving the police situation, alkali plant township police station quickly police, will be in some control.Yu confessed to obstructing the epidemic prevention and control work and beating the epidemic investigation personnel.Later, in some criminal detention by public security organs according to law.Editor in charge: Liu Hanyue