Learn to cook French fries in 3 minutes (Chinese New Year at home in 10 minutes)

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Homemade chips, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, are healthier than those bought outside.By is ah Ran ran ah material potatoes 2 corn starch right amount;Salt and vegetable oil in moderation.Practice steps Cut potatoes into coarse slices, wash them, remove starch, and soak them in clean water for about 15 minutes.Place the potato chips in boiling water with a little salt and cook for about 2 minutes (not too long). Then drain the cooked potato chips (this is important as you can wipe them clean with kitchen paper) and wrap them in a thin layer of cornstarch.3.Heat the wok with oil (add chopsticks to bubble), remove the oil and cook for about 6 minutes over medium heat. Clamp it with chopsticks and gently press it until it does not stick.4. After removing the potato chips, continue to heat the oil, add the potato chips and fry for about 2 minutes.If you have the time, you can freeze starchy potato chips in the fridge for more than two hours, then take them out and fry them.But I think it’s best not to freeze them. The key is to dry them.Want to know more professional pastry, cake, baking, western food, coffee knowledge or want to participate in more professional coffee training, western food training, western cake baking training partner, you can find a professional teacher to understand the private letter!You can also search Wang Sen cake school like this recipe, bookmark and follow!Feel free to share your suggestions for this dish in the comments below.