“Live” 51: Listen to the mother told a story, the man evil heart, stole the chicken mother’s little golden rooster

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Previously: With more time at home, it was inevitable to recall the past and talk about family secrets. Yiye wanted to discuss the story of the dragon with her grandmother, but her grandmother said it was not her story.One leaf thought, that is probably what grandpa said…Yiye often remembered the vivid and interesting story told by her mother when she was a child, so she was in awe of her. Maybe it was then that she set up the banner of justice in her heart.Words, a man’s family in a remote village, poor family, but do not want to earn money out of coolie, to the mountains to walk, pick up mountain goods sold to make a living.One day when he came to the foot of the mountain, he found a mother chicken with a group of chicks.Because heard of a high official to run by here, suddenly ill, buried the treasure on the spot, then disappeared the legend.Big gold and big silver (heaps of gold and silver treasure) can become climate.He was sure that it was the grand official’s gold and went out for a walk.Looking at a lump of living gold, the hand straight itch, if this hand will be able to lead the glory and wealth of the good day, eat and wear without worry ah!From that day on, every day to the foot of the mountain.Chicken mother every morning around 9 o ‘clock, will take the baby chicken, to the foot of the mountain to play under a few particularly thick trees.Half a month went by, and neither the owner nor the baby chickens changed. They were more convinced that they were gold.Finally, he hid behind a big tree, ready to pounce on some baby chickens.Mother chicken came with her chicks cooing and chirping, and several of them were particularly close to the man.He jumped out and pounced on the chickens, grabbing one with both hands. As soon as the chicken reached his hands, it stopped moving and became a lump of gold in the shape of a glittering chicken.He was so happy that he was in a trance.Chicken mother is anxious, come up flapping at him to fly up to peck him, save the chicken.His hands were pecked and bled by the mother chicken, but he did not let go.He put the golden chicken in his pocket and ran toward the other chickens running around in a panic, trying to touch a few more.The chicken mother saw the general trend is not good, hurriedly cooing cooing called the rest of the chicken ran to the mountains, did not run far disappeared.The man wanted to catch a anyway, also worth a lot of money, life without worry, happily home.But this hand wound even pus with blood has been unable to heal, but can only cut gold to save the hand.Each time I saw the wound, I cut off a piece of gold until the last piece of gold was changed into money and I went to the hospital. My hand also miraculously recovered.The man realized that ill-gotten wealth is not desirable, take also can not get.Later, he went out to work to make money, and married a daughter-in-law. Although life is not big rich big expensive, it is also happy.Next trailer: who hasn’t been young, brothers and sisters “turned against each other” big funeral, is poor?Remember to long press thumb up [heart], attention points to heart, I see the previous “live” 50: when I was a child story | heaven rain to listen to my grandfather, jinlong