Shaanxi announced the charging standards for primary and secondary schools in spring 2022

2022-05-05 0 By

Xi ‘an news on February 14, the reporter learns from shaanxi province development and reform commission, provincial four departments jointly issued a notice, released in the spring of 2022 primary and secondary schools in our province charging items and standards, in violation of state and our province education charge policy, not according to stipulations in charge of the public education, don’t insist on the principle of voluntary and non-profit behavior such as charge service fees, collection charges to all students,We will seriously investigate and publicly expose the case.As we have learned, public school basic education, primary and secondary school service charges to adhere to voluntary, must not be forced to service and collect fees.The meal expenses and after-school service fees shall be subject to the standards approved by the price administrative departments of each district or city jointly with the administrative departments of education.The health examination fee for senior high school students is 25 yuan per freshman and 20 yuan for students of other grades.The registration fee for ordinary colleges and universities is 110 yuan per student.The tuition fee for vocational high schools is 700 yuan for liberal arts students and 900 yuan for science students per semester.Accommodation fees shall be charged according to the fee standards approved by the pricing departments and the administrative departments of education.Tuition fees and accommodation fees of privately-run schools shall be administered on a territorial basis.Fees for non-profit privately-run primary and secondary schools shall be determined by local governments according to their actual conditions, and shall be collected in accordance with the standards approved by price authorities.The fees of for-profit privately-run schools are regulated by the market, and the fee standards are determined independently by each privately-run school.It is reported, the school according to the relevant provisions of the country and my province, can take flexible and diversified means to do a good job in the publicity of educational fees, accept social supervision actively.Market supervision complaints report telephone: 12315 (Xi ‘an newspaper all media reporter Gao Le) source: Xi ‘an News network