To be kind to life, fasten your seat belt

2022-05-05 0 By

Spring is coming, another beautiful travel season, wish you a happy trip ah.Rich life, beautiful days, to travel, I wish you to travel all over the motherland, travel all over the land ah.Xiaguang a butterfly’s huge wings, below is changhong with song woven hometown.I wish you a fruitful journey.The wind brought my expectation, the leaves brought my missing, and then a few rays of sunshine, bring my deep wishes, I wish you a happy journey, go in peace.Warm weather, common humidity, bacteria breeding, skin uncomfortable, often take a bath, clean sanitation, under the sun, exposure to bacteria and insects, so as to be comfortable.Don’t forget to bring happiness on the journey, don’t forget to bring peace when playing outside, don’t forget to bring blessing when enjoying beautiful scenery, don’t forget to bring health when tasting delicious food, I wish you a happy journey.You go, I go, we go, safety awareness in the heart;You let, I let, everyone let, safe travel is guaranteed.The world is so colorful that you can only appreciate it when you are walking slowly.Go out purse to take good, take a car the number of items to remember;Security door anti-theft is very important, lock timely check;Daily details should be well done, their own safety is the most important.