Fuyang anti-epidemic, help yong rushed to the front, retrograde

2022-05-06 0 By

Because of the epidemic, many of our staff have not returned home for more than two years. We thought that we could finally go to our hometown for a happy year of family reunion this Spring Festival. But who would have thought that in this year, the unfeeling Novel Coronavirus again swept through many districts of Hangzhou.Following the increase of cases in Binjiang and Xiaoshan, Hangzhou reported a new mild case of COVID-19 in Fuyang district on January 28, making the situation of epidemic prevention and control suddenly tense.Help worship, group as a highly social responsibility of enterprises, in the first time launched the emergency response mechanism, and actively cooperate with government work, smell, going to, promptly inform form help pioneer epidemic prevention disinfection team, in the afternoon there will be more than help workers volunteered, they to refund the ticket home road, is the choice of absolute charge resistance to disease.When outbreak enough to help people s home for us all, during the Spring Festival, abandoned the family time with loved ones, and protective equipment involved in the disease resistance the first line, resolutely into affected areas in the most dangerous place to participate in anti epidemic disinfection work, they take the bull by the horns, rushed to the front, to undertake a number of key areas of epidemic prevention disinfection work,It has made outstanding contributions to controlling the spread of the epidemic.Help never forget the heart, always prove our highest social responsibility with actions: as long as the people need, the government needs, help people will fight in the most dangerous line regardless of gains and losses.This Spring Festival in Hangzhou is unfortunate, but more fortunate.Because before all the people, there is to help these people, these brave people with great righteousness and social responsibility bravely take on the burden, fearless against the road, to stop the epidemic for the whole people!Salute to help all frontline personnel!With the approval of The chairman of the group, Mr. Li Hua, decided to commend the students who participated in the anti-epidemic disinfection work in Hangzhou during the Spring Festival.Awarded CAI should be ray, li qing, ShiQingWei, hai-yun sun, Yao Zhi win, Wang Yanshun, Ma Ruiyao, Qiu Changyou, zhi-qiang wu, Ma Zhanxiang, chun-yan zhang “anti epidemic pioneer” the honorary title of honorary certificate and cash prize honor certificate and cash prize chairman li hua, awarded the honorary certificate ShiQingWei Ma Ruiyao Ma Ruiyao, CAI should be ray three photos are just small recognition thanks to all frontline staff,Help people every sincere input, every flash of output, will be seen, will not be disappointed.No matter how many battles will be fought in the future, help Bester to be ready for the final victory of the fight against COVID-19 in the whole country. We will carry out disinfection work and overcome difficulties together!