Single session 2 gold and 1 silver!Gu Ailing dominance won, tied with Yang Yang miracle, set four records

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Gu Ailing of China compets for gold in women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing final at Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 18, 2018. Gu Ailing dominated the women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing final to win her second gold medal and eighth gold medal for Chinese delegation.With 2 gold MEDALS and 1 silver in a single session, Gu Equaled the miracle of the elder Yang Yang and set a number of records.Women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing is gu Ailing’s best event, she showed a crushing advantage in the qualification, a level higher than the opponent, is also aiming to win this gold medal.Apart from Gu, zhang Kexin and Li Fanghui also made it to the final, with three Chinese players playing together.In the final, there are 12 contestants, each of whom performs three rounds and gets the highest score to determine the place.Gu scored 93.25 points in the first round of moves, 4.25 points better than the second, a very clear advantage.In the second round, Gu once again set a new personal best score of 95.25 points, 5.25 points ahead of the second, completely crushing her opponent.Two rounds later, Gu Has already killed the gold medal suspense.In the third round, China’s Zhang Kexin fell to the ground, but was not seriously injured.GuAiLing play remains stable, eventually without controversy won the gold medal, this is GuAiLing in his second gold medal of the Olympics, is also the third medal, set several record: first, GuAiLing became the first snow event got 2 gold MEDALS Chinese athletes, after most of the Chinese delegation gold medal comes from short track speed skating program.Second, two gold MEDALS and one silver in a single session equaled Yang Yang’s miracle of two gold MEDALS and one silver in the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, surpassing Zhou Yang and Ren Ziwei who won two gold MEDALS in a single session and second only to Wang Meng who won three gold MEDALS in a single session. Moreover, Gu Ailing’s three MEDALS all came from individual events.Third, Gu Became the first Chinese athlete to win MEDALS on the platform, halfpipe and slopestyle.Fourth, Gu Ailing won two gold MEDALS and one silver, becoming the Chinese athlete who won the most MEDALS in this Winter Olympics.