Is it true that NetEase Max Open World said “there is no payment point”?Experiment 3 days the answer came

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“Open world” is one of the hottest game genres at the moment. In the past two years, game manufacturers have been competing to enter the game. After the open world of Primordial God was well received, Tower of Fantasy is also joining the fray.NetEase this can endure?Immediately sent its competent officers, the ancient martial arts online game “against the Cold” made “the first domestic end of the open world”.Have open world under cold has become the domestic side first to eat crab people, also ambitious said to open the world has 2400 square kilometers of land, in such a big world have nine different formations, players can experience the inside “everything can be interactive mechanism, the most important thing is that” no pay “!The new version has been available for a few days, and many players have joined the new open world battle.To hear officials describe this world of mountains and seas, it’s a world of danger, not only from wild animals but also from extreme weather.However, many players come into the game and dream of the classic MMO of 20 years ago?Players said, just into the sea there are NPC released tasks, hit 3 rabbits.At this point, everyone is completely lost in the state of martial arts, with no equipment, skills and levels, can only fight rabbits with bare hands.However, thousands of players on the map have been given the task of hunting rabbits, leading to the scene of thousands of rabbits snatching, which is reminiscent of the newtown scene 20 years ago when Mmos were all about snatching monsters.Different from the current online game task one key to find the way to complete the convenient operation, in the world of mountains and seas players need to take the task, according to the map of the region to personally explore, the road may encounter powerful beasts and bandits, not careful will face cool situation.Players can pick up a lot of purple equipment on the monster, which is not so good treatment in the original world.In addition to monster drops, we can only collect raw materials for DIY production, and there is no more convenient means.There are many chests on the map of Mountain And Sea world that can be opened, containing treasure and mountain and sea currency, if you explore them carefully enough.In the original rivers and lakes many mount may need to pay to buy, and in the mountain and sea world mount all rely on players to grab.Players need to harness the beast with hemp rope, and then tame it to become their own mount.Although it is officially possible to ride giant spiders in the future, currently players unlock deer, camels, Tibetan mastiffs, etc., which are definitely faster than barefoot.There are also a lot of good equipment in the world of mountains and seas, in addition to the purple monster drop three rare equipment, the most top orange equipment can be triggered by the way to obtain adventure.The player said he explored in the world for a long time, finally triggered the adventure task, through the process of an hour, directly got the current top-class graduation equipment “xuan yuan lock”.From the point of the experiment of current players, under cold, the largest open world is, indeed, do propaganda “didn’t pay any point”, and recent under cold open two sets of new clothes during the Spring Festival, all the server from a month during the Chinese New Year point card, this is now players don’t need any payment will be able to experience the game, if you have players are watching,This is definitely the best time to go in.