The construction of basketball court and other activities in Zhengzhou Sculpture Park

2022-05-07 0 By

According to a local netizen, Zhengzhou Sculpture Park, as one of the larger parks in the west of Zhengzhou, has a large number of citizens who visit the park every day, but there is a lack of basketball courts and other venues in the park. Now only one area belongs to basketball courts, and it is hoped that the park will build some basketball courts and other sports venues in the future.Zhengzhou 12345 government service convenience hotline reply: We have checked the problem you reported, and immediately transferred to the Municipal Bureau of Gardens and Forestry for handling and implementation. Now we have finished the reply, and hereby inform the reply result as follows:According to the design plan, the only to henan province zhengzhou city sculpture park with sculpture as the theme of city parks, 108 existing large outdoor sculpture, sculpture art and the perfect combination of landscape ecology, for citizens to build the cultural art and landscape ecological harmonious coexistence, cheng brightness of urban landscape, culture to satisfy the citizens public appreciation of sculpture art of spiritual and cultural needs.At present, the existing entertainment and leisure facilities in the sculpture park include children’s amusement park, extreme playground, basketball court, fitness facilities and equipment, among which the basketball court is planned to have a full court and two halves to meet the needs of basketball fans.In the next step of the planning and construction of the sculpture park, while maintaining the ecological and cultural atmosphere of the sculpture park, the needs of the public will be fully taken into account. After expert planning and demonstration, more activity venues will be timely added for the public.