Valentine’s Day jewelry consumption ushered in a small peak attention!The jewellery has been given a facelift

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Zibo February 13 – not low price of gold inlaid jade gold is only A layer of gold foil paper, A cargo certificate is forged…As consumers become more enthusiastic about buying jewelry, cosmetic jewelry is also emerging.Zibo city inspection and measurement research institute zibo city product quality inspection institute is responsible for the inspection and detection of jewelry and jade work, as the “Valentine’s Day” jewelry purchase ushered in a small peak, the relevant person in charge accepted a reporter interview, for consumers uncover jewelry “cosmetic” trap.Trap 1: gold inset jade is only mat layer gold foil paper to wait for a place in commercial pedestrian street, department store, tourist scenic spot, consumer passes lucky draw with “one discount” can gold inset jade adorn article take home, little think this among them concealed consumption trap.According to the staff, many of the gold and jade prizes are actually of little value.”Although the gold is of high purity, there is only a thin layer of gold foil. Many counterfeiters fill the gap between the gold foil and Hetian jade with glue.””The worker said.Trap 2: certificate inquiry website also is false when a lot of consumers are buying jewelry, can ask to issue appraisal certificate, think so is more secure.However, some businesses issued fake certificates, making fake certificates has also formed an industrial chain: in addition to the certificate number is fake, the website and phone number queried on the certificate are also fake.”We’ve had B+C [bleached, filled] bracelets, and the customer has been given A certificate.”On one occasion, staff recalled, A citizen brought A jade bracelet of B+C goods, which was equipped with an appraisal certificate written on A goods, showing that the inspection agency was A jewelry appraisal agency in Guangdong.”The certificate looks very formal, with a website, a QR code and even a stamp.Scanning the QR code and checking the website proves that this bracelet is A product, but the certificate number of CNAS is false.Fakes are so complete that it’s hard for ordinary consumers to tell them apart.”Staff told reporters.Trap 3: jade color is “cosmetic” like jade lovers choose jadeite and Hetian jade, but with the improvement of counterfeiting technology, jadeite and hetian jade color counterfeiting technology so that consumers and even professionals are difficult to distinguish between true and false.Take jadeite as an example, in order to meet consumers’ love for green, illegal businesses have carried out pickling and filling of jadeite “cosmetic” processing.”Although B+C is already the old method of counterfeiting, but with the promotion of counterfeiting technology, from the appearance has become more and more difficult to distinguish whether the jade is A natural goods.”Staff said, jade is A goods, “color root” is an important observation standard, that is, to observe the color distribution.However, the fake jade naked eye is difficult to identify the internal structure, can only rely on professional instruments to observe the color and the crack state.Hetian jade has no A goods, only the origin, true and false points, “this way more.”The staff member expresses, hetian jade producing area is numerous, “hetian” 2 words are without producing area meaning, want to accord with national standard in hetian jade index nephrite can be called hetian jade only.In addition, hetian jade fraud means more, posing as origin, material posing as.”It is now known that seeds have a high value, and unscrupulous merchants are faking pores and whitening colors. Even professionals can’t tell the difference.””The worker said.The staff reminded that the purchase of jewelry must be cautious, do not covet cheap, especially jade products, must master professional knowledge after the purchase, at the same time do a good job in the preservation of consumption evidence.If need appraisal, zibo product quality inspection institute is the legal inspection organization.Dazhong Daily Zibo Rong Media Center reporter Liu Wensi correspondent Liu Jianying Chen Yangyang