91 Free repair protection: how to remove the scale of the water heater liner?

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In the area with higher hardness of water quality, the concentration of scale is more terrible.Electric water heater tank large, but can use the cleaning mouth is very limited;Say the water tank that gas water heater is alleged, it is one curved copper tube almost, but also cannot use insert type to clean.If do not undertake water heater descaling for a long time, can cause conduit jam, current decrescent, water metamorphism is even more serious consequence.91 free repair protect 4006189191 cleat electric water heater wants to need regular replacement magnesium rod, remove scale in time, such, can prolong the service life of the machine.If you are buying an enamel liner water heater, you should be aware that the magnesium rod must be replaced in time.Enamel tank is burning on ordinary steel plate on a layer of inorganic clay glaze, not rusting, and the cost is 1/4 to 1/6 of the stainless steel tank, a badder-like inner container inside enamel of the processing technology demand is higher, if the technological level is not enough, prone to bubbles in the process of production or the eye of a needle, enamel brittleness is larger at the same time, the transportation vibration in the process of installation, prone to collision scale detonation phenomenon.In addition, enamel in hot water will gradually dissolve peeling, technically known as “boiling water weightlessness” phenomenon.Shanghai Linnei water heater maintenance phone said these factors, will cause enamel coating under the ordinary steel plate exposure, ordinary steel plate contains carbon, sulfur and other impurities more, easy to corrosion leakage.So what is the role of the magnesium rod in the water heater tank?Magnesium rods are used as sacrificial anodes in water heaters.Because the metal activity of magnesium is higher than that of iron, when magnesium rod and ordinary steel plate are exposed at the same time, magnesium rod is corroded first instead of steel plate, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the liner.How often should the magnesium bar be replaced?Depending on the water quality, the magnesium rod in the enamel liner water heater needs to be replaced in 1 to 2 years.Otherwise, once you run out of magnesium rods, your water heater will soon corrode and leak.You should also pay attention to the replacement of magnesium rod during the warranty period is free of charge, but after the warranty period, you will have to pay for additional materials.