Human nature is selfish and boring, and there is no real love in reality

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If it is a true love, there is no need to get married, marriage is the “grave” of love, who is willing to sleep with the hole at the beginning.Love period every morning and evening, day and night of music, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry and hops, this love how happy, why choose to marry.Choosing marriage is a compromise, and accepting daily necessities is a feeling that there is no love under human nature, hoping to use the marriage contract to constrain each other, so as to achieve the calculation of weighing the advantages and disadvantages.How many people are the marriage as an investment, with love when the cover, to meet the unspeakable purpose.As long as a person loses interest in love, then marriage is his bottom line.I also played, young also crazy, young beauty also converted, as if the return is less and less.When love this cover play not go down, buttocks naturally sit.In the end, there is only one purpose, and that is to get married.Deep investment once, anyway old age, has become a negative number, is not good still may encounter a wealth miracle.What follows is a formality.Wilt thou have this and that to be thy wife, to love and to be true to her, for richer, for poorer, young, old, to live long and to grow old?This is the sharing of humanity infatuated with love, fulfilling the illusion of love with compulsion.At this level, love is something that can be bought and sold.Having a good marriage, first of all, is the accumulation of money, this calculation is itself a process of learning and understanding.If you buy a house, you worry about mortgage, drive a car, you care about tire wear, flowers and wine is a fantasy, no matter how strong love it will become “humble house”.Why do most people get up early and stay late? In fact, he is trying to preserve the marriage.If you want a stable marriage to appreciate, you have to have money first, at least let the other person feel can live, that’s human nature.The rise of The Times, often value to transform love, family itself is an economic unit.The GDP of love is investment first, the list of a clear two white, how can you have harvest.Economic law is input, output, gross production, if you can not do a property value protection, then “proud” love will also appear cracks.Love and human nature must not be mutually encouraging, it must be in conflict, just like money and time it can not be a perfect combination.What is love I like you, you also like me, two people have no selfish heart.Even if one day, you do not like me, I still love you, but my heart does not blame myself, because I love you, as long as you, every gesture and action is the appearance of love.Love at first sight, I love you, that is also the category of love, but it is the credit of hormones.Like your character, like your appearance, like your head, like your feet, this is also the category of love, this is one-sided love.Thinking of marriage, thinking of having children, there are several in my heart, they all held hands with him and had dinner.But there is a person in your heart, you are willing to see his scenery at any time, “erhai moon reflected cangshan snow”, this is your inner love, “boundless, it can surpass species, beyond everything”.The feeling afraid of two heart, predestined relationship afraid without points, a person afraid of loneliness, two people afraid to live up to, the most afraid of affectionate ruthless, really afraid of thin cool.”Broken harp must string” is the artistic conception of love, the beauty of high mountains and flowing water is the great waves wash away sand, the reality of love is a thousand years of rare.What is human Nature Confucius said: “sex is similar, practice is far.”I think the attributes of people, he has no congenital and acquired nature, are malignant pester.”Money is true language, no money language is not true”, we see a lot of people to worship Buddha sutra, that is just an appearance, under the surface often more show the ugliness of human nature.Bless me rich, big rich big expensive, even bless me in five million, this is a common language, this is also noble ugly.If everyone says so, what do you think the Buddha should do, ask no questions and answer every request? Is that a Buddha?Buddha can only seek the law for things, or for a person.In other words, you get what you do.Then you tell such ugly things to Buddha, in fact, it is to deny their own cause, lose the cause, where the result, cramming is useful?When people just want to survive, development, love is just a “desire to stay”, do you think the shallow moral ethics can restrain him?The penetration of humanity into love is equivalent to a story.A certain dating show, there is a male guest, he yearned for a true love, he made a disguise, he told a lie, he changed a cruel reality.I don’t own a house, I don’t own a car, I’m a nine-to-five office worker.But I have a dream, because I have a stable job, I am 1.75 meters tall, I believe I can have a love by my own efforts.Before I finished, there was only one female guest left from the 24.It looked promising, but the truth is bloody.Female guest said, I leave the light for you, I just see you idle appearance, the heart has unwilling.You can’t pretend to be so lofty when you’re on a thousand dollar salary and talking about your love dreams.Another female guest also chimed in, oneself have no ability still talking about what nonsense…Later the host said, this is actually a billionaire guest, I guess those women are very regretful.A dog can eat shit – that’s what people are.Stubbornness, bias, arrogance, which contains the ugliness of human nature, including blood and tears, love, hate, sadness, is also unable to teach the saints, “Tao Te Ching” in the face of selfishness is worthless.Life with love that is perfect, life without love he also has the same life, greed can not do faith adhere to.Breathing and life and death is just a moment of things, the love season is withered, the letter can not cross the gully.Without touching the hardships of life, feelings must be better than money. Stepping into reality, the selfishness of human nature will surely erode feelings.In reality, why so many people are willing to be emotional fool, a debt of love is only the beginning of the first love.When you see through the people, I difficult love entanglement, to the end or single majority.Love in the biggest lie, “love you ten thousand years”, “love you to the glebe’s old, the seas run dry and the rocks crumble, accompany you to the remotest corners of the earth”……The temptation of this grand blueprint, really when the mask falls off, see, look forward to, are distressed, the biggest chip of human nature is love.People who can warm each other to show passion, it just shows the perfect combination of human nature and love, in fact, love is an exchange of animal and social.