Is this a treasure hunt?

2022-05-08 0 By

Has not gone to Taobao for a long time, today in the name of New Year, braved the rain to go to Nanchang antique city, one is to give a few old friends open antique shop New Year, two is to see old friends have what I like.Today nanchang antique city is very quiet, many shop door is closed, and the market in addition to some market staff and some shop owners, hardly see anyone, perhaps the main cause is the weather is cold and rain, may is also not fully after the reason, in a word, that I prefer the quiet.After parking, I went to a friend’s store directly, see the friends we had some New Year’s day the very polite said said, and then to the point to appreciate the friends collection, old friends to lock cabinet inside the store is opened entirely, of interest baby enjoy one by one, time in one fell swoop for over an hour in the past, old friends to see I am a little disappointed look after,He opened the safe and took a gizmo out of it, saying to himself:Something larger proportion, quality of a material is pure hard, many people watch the tourmaline, because he likes and should really be discussing price, so there has been no, I don’t know brother you like it, I play this is an old friend of porcelain, the stone kind thing is some strange, I took the treasures that told friends, after carefully checked not tourmaline,Is a very good year old pit jade, the quality of the jade in the market, it is difficult to see, and the price is very high, old friends to finish listen to my words, brother do you like for you to play, I should say that this how line, he didn’t willing to see I don’t want to pay, said in a low price, I added a little money on the price, he said, so a deal.I was really happy to get this old pit jade, but I was even happier about my friendship. In such a depressed antique market, my old friend insisted on giving me favor. Although I paid for it, IT still moved me a lot.