Once the whole e-sports circle sent wild king, now live cool cool no one to see, the user evaluation is too to the point!

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Mention of professional players in the e-sports circle, it can be said that many game players feel envious, not only can take the hobby as their career to live on, but also can obtain fans and millions of annual salary.Especially for the players of LPL, the most successful esports professional league in China, the top group is rumored to have an annual salary of tens of millions. It can be seen that with the development of the esports industry in recent years, the income and treatment of professional players are also rising.But while the head of the current esports player treatment is enviable, but retired esports professional players are far less popular than expected.Especially for players who don’t have the talent to broadcast, there are very few ways to develop in the esports industry. Very few retired players who can become coaches or analysts through professional experience, or have a good tongue will choose to develop in the direction of commentary.As one of LPL’s first generation of wild king, Mlxg “sent wild King” to the entire e-sports circle when he retired. At that time, the scene of unlimited scenery makes it hard to imagine that AFTER retirement, Mlxg will play professional audiences accumulated good feelings for him and the positive wind in the circle consumed up.Due to its own mentality and personality, Mlxg, which often confronts each other with danmu, has a relatively mediocre effect. After retiring from the professional arena, the popularity of Mlxg has declined significantly, and RNG recently suffered from the controversy over unpaid wages.In recent days, there are netizens wondering why Mlxg will mix in such a situation after retirement, after all, his original teammate posture, Letme now live do wind up.In the comments, many netizens who watched xiangguo’s live broadcast offered a more pertinent assessment: “The fans love the Teacher on the court.”What did the Internet think of it?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.