Village tears point story, contractor no good routine, fish in troubled waters pit fellow ran temple?

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Zhaili go out to struggle developed more in the construction engineering industry, because of the repair and excavation machine fellow, and dry project subcontracting fellow influence, just have a springboard jump out of a different life.And this dry project subcontracting fellow called East construction, is the earliest out of the village to do the project, because of the county and the functions of the big man, and tactless means, from above to the project back to the village lire head, so bring out a lot of technology, some people in the village also become rich from this.However, Oriental Construction also has some bad habits common to all contractors. It is normal to delay and withhold wages. Besides, food is expensive and poor.Slowly mixed out of the village people are looking for a better way to go, the younger generation in the village did not dare to do with him, now eastern construction had to pay to lure casual workers do not know, has been doing not do unstable.A few years ago, the county invested heavily in wind power generation, and Oriental Construction also took the opportunity to make a fortune. They opened a Ford and bought a house in the city, but they also offended many people and were said to be afraid to show their faces in their hometown.ZhaiLi nature also circulated lot of sleek routines of the construction of the east, such as side by holding down the subcontract price and connections to engineering, back to late arrival absenteeism absenteeism stealing rape have a stomachache and other interface, withhold wages sweatshops, save almost on engineering construction materials, materials labor quantity must be a little higher, but reported every advantage lie under the ground from clearing the Semitic.A group of workers who do not do wind power are still trying to block wages from Eastern Construction, because they believed in the attractive verbal agreement of Eastern Construction at the beginning, and now have no access to money and passive.Recently, I do not know how the East construction and get the zhaili road construction parking lot project, first hid the project is poverty alleviation project funds do not say, let zhaili people raise money obligation to work, and cheated the land owner said that the collective raise money to build the parking lot, are voluntary without compensation.When the matter reached the village committee, Oriental Construction immediately shared the money raised by the collective to repair the road, abandoned the half-dug parking lot, and ran to the city to hide.Since then in the stockade is smelly daidafa, in the foreign country to steal money to run away routine others take you can not do, but in this village also do so, you run away will never go back home, stay at home for you to endure the neighbors point, can run temple?