F1 | Saudi tournament runs smooth Zhou Guanyu number 13

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Qualifying for the 2022 Saudi Grand Prix ended in the early hours of March 27, with Red Bull’s Fernando Perez winning the qualifying and becoming the first Mexican driver to take pole position in FORMULA One history.Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu entered Q2 qualifying again, finally ranked 13th on the grid.Hamilton will start 16th after a poor qualifying.The Saudi Grand Prix has been plagued by a war between Saudi Arabia and Houthi rebels in Yemen.During practice, Red Bull driver Verstappan smelled a strong burning odor and at one point asked his team on the radio, “What’s burning in the car?”It turned out that Saudi Aramco, less than 20 kilometers from the Track in Jeddah, was hit by an air strike and burst into flames.After a meeting with fia officials, F1 chief Executive Stefano Domenicali and a number of local government officials, it was decided that qualifying and the race would go ahead. The Saudi organizing committee later said it would continue to liaise with the Saudi security authorities to ensure the event could proceed safely.The Ferrari did well in the first qualifying session, but Sainz’s car had a serious dolphin jump and Leclerc had a bit of a scrape, which caused some damage to the front suspension.First round Saines, Verstappan and Leclerc rounded out the top three.Hamilton was overtaken by 15th place Stoll by 0.087 seconds and was sure to be eliminated.It was Hamilton’s first exit from Q1 qualifying since the 2017 Brazilian Grand Prix.Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu again entered Q2 and finished 13th.Haas’s German driver Mick Schumacher is unharmed after a serious crash.Red Bull’s Fernando Perez overtook the ferraris in the closing stages to take pole for the first time in his career and become the first Mexican driver in FORMULA One history to do so.Ferrari drivers Leclerc and Sainz were second and third respectively.Verstappan, Okang, Russell, Alonso, Bottas, Gasley and Magnussen are ranked from the fourth to the tenth.The official match will take place at 1 am Beijing time on March 28.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Chu Peng editor zhou Xueshuai