Zhang Kun, Xie Zhiyu, Feng Mingyuan…”Top flow” latest research!

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China Fund newspaper reporter Cao Wenjing since March, the market continues to shock, the annual report has been disclosed.Star fund managers are actively participating in research and further communicating with listed companies on performance.Specific view, Zhang Kun research stocks ST national physician assisted reproduction, Xie Zhiyu, housewarming research “heparin leading health friend shares,” “API export leading global pharmaceutical, Feng Mingyuan research” “shoe industry leading” aokang international, Yang Jin, kay and so on research “automobile software leading” kechuang, cao long research in China gold and so on.The second time in the year zhang Kun research assisted reproduction concept shares a few days ago, ST TCM announcement shows that 100 billion top flow fund manager Zhang Kun participated in the conference call exchange, this is the second time this year, the choice is still assisted reproduction plate ST TCM.The reporter found that Zhang Kun has been concerned about the assisted reproduction plate for a long time. Since the middle of 2020, Jinxin Reproduction, a Hong Kong stock listed company, has appeared in the holdings of Yi Fangda Blue Chip Selected Fund managed by Zhang Kun for three consecutive quarters. However, in the first quarter of 2021, Zhang Kun once significantly reduced his holdings of Jinxin Reproduction.He managed the yi Fangda high quality enterprise fund held 19 million shares of Jin Xin Reproduction, sequential reduction of more than 60%.However, as of June 30, 2021, Yi Fangda still held 175 million shares of Jinxin Reproduction, while Hillhouse Capital held more than 300 million shares.Share price, since the beginning of this year, ST TCM fell more than 26%.Recently, Jianyou Shares issued a notice showing that Xing Zheng Global Fund Xie Zhiyu, household relocation, RURAL Bank huili fund manager Meng Yuan participated in the company’s research.In addition, 56 institutions including QFII, insurance companies, other fund companies, securities companies and Sunshine private equity institutions participated in the survey.As of the fourth quarter, Jianyou shares are still in xie Zhiyu in the management of the fund’s heavy holdings of stocks in the top ten.Public information shows that Jianyou shares from the 1990s engaged in the production of standard heparin sodium, gradually developed into heparin sodium API leader.Jianyou shares have fallen more than 22% this year.The reporter noticed that in addition to Jianyou shares, in the middle of this month, Xie Zhiyu, Qiao Qian and Tong LAN also attended a video conference held by THE leading pharmaceutical company of API export.According to the 2021 annual report of GLP, Xingquan Herun, managed by Xie Zhiyu, increased its holdings by 1.0771 million shares, while Xingquan Yiyi, managed by Xie Zhiyu, reduced its holdings by 787,800 shares in the fourth quarter.During the fourth quarter, Xingquanhegrun increased holdings, while Xingquanheyi reduced holdings, an increase and a decrease between xie Zhiyu’s two funds overall holdings of PlO pharmaceutical changed little, holding a total market value of 1.742 billion yuan.It is worth noting that in the third quarter of last year, Xie Zhiyu had substantially reduced the holdings of PlO pharmaceutical, in which Xingquan Hegrun had reduced holdings of 4.074 million shares, Xingquan Appropriate reduced holdings of 10.5569 million shares.According to the public information, Apeloa Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive Pharmaceutical enterprise integrating API intermediates, contract R&D and production (CDMO), preparation R&D, production and operation as well as import and export trade.Plo pharmaceutical 2021 annual report shows that the reporting period to achieve operating revenue of 8.943 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 13.49%;Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 956 million yuan, up 17% year-on-year.On March 22, Aokang international announced that xinda Australia Silver Fund (now: Xinda Australia Asia fund) Feng Mingyuan, Hui Tianfu Fund Ma Xiang and other fund managers from 68 institutions participated in the survey.The reporter noted that at the beginning of this year, as the public market in the “top flow” one of the Ruiyuan fund also appeared in Aokang international research.Aokang International, founded in 1988, is a well-known brand operator and retailer of leather shoes in China.At the end of February, investors asked Aokang International whether it produces military-related shoes.In this regard, Aokang guoin investor interactive platform said that the company military shoes group purchase business has been carried out for many years, is a routine business.Performance, Aokang International financial results show that in the first three quarters, the company achieved operating revenue of 2.143 billion yuan, up 36.95% year on year, net profit of 45.239 million yuan, up 385.94% year on year, net profit of 15.1525 million yuan after deduction.In terms of share price, Aokang International has fallen more than 16% this year.In addition, the forum attracted the jin Language — Hui Tianfu Fund Yang Jin Kai Harvest Fund Guo Xiaowen China Oil Fund and others.Reporters found that by the end of 2021, harvest fund owned a total of 14 products, accounting for 6.81% of outstanding shares.Among them, all eight funds under the management of Kai hold shares in the technology chuangda.Harvest Emerging Industries, Harvest Core Growth and Harvest Vision selected two years are the seventh, eighth and tenth shareholders of CSTC respectively.Guo Xiaowen also holds a small stake in China Tech Chuangda, which is managed by China Post New Idea.Yang jin is not holding positions.Zhongke Chuangda is a leading intelligent platform technology provider.The 2021 annual report shows that the company achieved annual operating revenue of 4.127 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 57.04%, the three business intelligent software, intelligent connected vehicles, intelligent Internet of things revenue respectively year-on-year growth of 40.33%, 58.91%, 82.87%.So far this year, China Tech Chuangda shares have fallen more than 24%.In addition, the China Gold video research conference attracted well-known fund managers and institutional investors, such as Cao Mingchang, Rui Yuan Fund and China-Europe Fund.China Gold Is a well-known central enterprise in the field of gold and jewelry sales in China. In terms of institutional holdings, Cao mingchang does not hold shares of the company at present. This is his first survey of the company.Editor: Joy