Boy tied up in chains, police station: father in prison, mother out

2022-05-12 0 By

As a parent, must assume the responsibility of raising and teaching!Recently, yunnan Qujing somewhere street, a little boy who looks 10 years old is holding a piece of steamed bread in his hand, tied with a chain on his neck, tied to the street tree.According to the local police station, the boy’s father is still in prison and his mother has run away from home and has no plans to spend time with him.The boy’s uncle took him in, but the boy was mischievous.In order to prevent him from escaping, his uncle found a chain around his neck and locked him to a tree.It’s a sad sight to watch!Do not know others bitter, do not advise others good!Yes, but it exposes a lot of problems: some people break the law, some people do not act!The child’s father is serving a prison sentence, indicating that the father has broken the law and should be punished by the law.My mother didn’t want to live with my father. It was her choice.But what’s wrong with children?Children come into this world to be raised and educated until adulthood!When parents give birth to a child, they have a legal obligation to raise the child.The mother chose to run away from home while the father was in prison, leaving the minor children, breaking the law, suspected of desertion.The boy’s uncle, who was able to take him in when he had no one else.It means he has a love and a sense of responsibility.However, in order to prevent the child from escaping and getting into trouble, he was tied up with a chain, which would have a great psychological impact on the child’s growth and was also suspected of restricting personal freedom.The local police station, knowing that the boy was chained, merely understood the situation and made an explanation, but did not take further measures, which is suspected of inaction.If this little boy continues to be treated like this, it will leave a scar on his soul, and he will never grow up healthy.We hope relevant parties can solve this problem.