Break the spell!Xu Mengtao wins gold!The number of gold MEDALS in China is the largest in history

2022-05-12 0 By

Pay will have harvest, love makes legend!Xu Mengtao has won the women’s freestyle skiing aerials final at the Beijing Winter Olympics.This is xu mengtao’s 28th world championship!This is the fifth gold medal for China, equaling the record set at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.Olympic champion though?, may be late but the four efforts have not been in vain, will not be absent, in their own home to realize the dream of what a wonderful thing, make up for all the regrets before!It’s not easy!Nice. You’re the prettiest person at genting tonight?!Who won the silver medal in freestyle aerials eight years ago in Sochi?.She stayed on for 16 years and participated in 4 Olympic Games, her career spans 14 seasons and 70 World Cup stops in total.!Is the World Cup women’s aerials the first person in history, because of love and persistence, because of the dream and firm, salute to her ❗️ finally got the gold medal!Four Olympic Games, more than a decade of perseverance, a jump to win, unprecedented pressure, reverse win, it is not easy, veteran career can draw a perfect end!