Please check, “space understand” to send you New Year!

2022-05-12 0 By

Over the past year, the youth groups represented by “Beijing Understands”, “Dawn understands”, “Tianhe Understands” and “Yangtze River Understands” have been quietly and selflessly dedicated to their respective posts, demonstrating the spirit of “bearing hardships, fighting, tackling key problems and making contributions”.With the vigorous development of China’s manned space career, their “receive” and “understand” one after another, bring us endless confidence and pride, let us deeply appreciate the elegant demeanor and realm of Chinese space personnel.As the Year of the Tiger is approaching, please accept this New Year’s greetings from the “Aerospace Understanding”.Producer: li reiterated the supervision company, li told cold planning: Wang Yitao ringing, guo-li li, zhang Mimi, qing-hua huang, wang nannan, Tian Dingyu and zhong-zheng guo as a whole: jin-long zhao, wang tomato huan, rossie sails, Song Xingguang, bicycles, of kang, Mao Lingye, xue-yan wang: Tian Dingyu, wang yongliang, panxi weiyu, miko, azhe, key production: Tian Dingyu xinhua’s people’s liberation army (PLA) produced by the bureau