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Today, February 20th, Sunday.These popular hashtags and people’s personal experience in Guangdong show that the super cold air has really hit Guangdong. At 6:00 this morning, guangzhou felt 3°C, and at 10:42, Guangzhou felt 2°C. Is it getting colder and colder?Every time, a cold day always someone asked: snow?Some people said: “the cold air without snow is playing rascals” may be full of expectations, from last night to today “Snow in Guangzhou” news in the circle of friends brush screen Tianhe District Yuexiu District Nansha District Haizhu district netizens said: “for it midnight wait”.Did it really snow in Guangzhou early this morning?Nandu reported that in the morning, the relevant head of the Guangzhou Meteorological Bureau responded to the reporter: Early this morning, There was no snow in Guangzhou, only rain.In addition, the lowest temperature of this process will occur in Guangzhou tonight, and the analysis of meteorological conditions is not conducive to the occurrence of snow.Meteorological experts: the probability of snow in the future is still small for the next two days will there be snow weather in Guangzhou?Southern + reporters contacted guangdong province meteorological station chief forecaster Liang Qiaoqian, its introduction, in recent days, Parts of Qingyuan and Shaoguan in Guangdong Province, in the 500 to 1000 meters poster higher mountainous area, lower temperature, rain and snow weather.Internet users made a hot search for “snow in Guangzhou” this morning after a weather forecast app on their mobile phones suggested it might snow in The city.Liang qiaoqian said that the information displayed by the software was not from guangdong’s official weather observatory. “We don’t know how they got the snow forecast,” she said.Liang qiaoqian said the Guangdong Meteorological Bureau predicted that rain would continue to fall in Guangzhou on May 21 and 22, and the accumulated rainfall would reach the standard of heavy rain.The cold and rainy weather will continue until May 22, and the temperature is expected to rise on May 23.High altitude mountain areas in northern Guangdong will be accompanied by sleet and snow.As for whether snow will fall in Guangzhou in the next few days?Liang qiaoqian responded: “Our basic judgment is that the probability of snow in Guangzhou is relatively small.”At the same time, guangzhou citizens are recommended to follow the official microblog and wechat of “Guangdong Weather” for the latest official weather news.At the same time, @Guangdong Weather weibo offered a tip for netizens’ hot discussion: “If you want to know if it’s really snowing, here’s a tip: Hold an umbrella outside the window and see what’s falling on it. It’s rain or snow at a glance.”The last time it snowed in Guangzhou was 6 years ago when it snowed in Qingyuan and Shaoguan. However, there are some places in Guangdong where it snowed, and this time it is still Qingyuan and Shaoguan.Qingyuan strong cold air freezing qingyuan, 19 morning in the alpine mountain temperature below 0℃, road, lake, roof are covered with a layer of snow, tree branches are also covered with crystal clear ice.Yesterday, Guangdong Qingyuan Jinzi Mountain tourists long hair frozen nandu reporter Gao Yongjia video screenshots look at the video and pictures again feel the “frozen” tourists hair “all white”!Jinzi Mountain snow scenery rime landscape beauty into a fairyland Jinzi Mountain snow wrapped, tourists reach out to touch the ice hanging on the branches.Nandu photographer Fu Haiyan takes photos of tourists in Jinzi Mountain.Jinzishan peak minimum temperature as low as -3℃, shrouded in smoke, a large area of rime.Nandu reporter Gao Yongjia took a picture of the white tiled roof on The Jinshan Mountain.Nandu reporter Gao Yongjia shaoguan Lechang, Ruyuan County Bridge new Valley village and village appeared rime.In the early morning of 20th, the lowest temperature in Shaoguan urban area was 3 to 4 degrees, and the lowest temperature in Lechang and Ruyuan alpine mountains was -1 to 2 degrees, including -0.9 degrees in Zhongchong Village of Ruyuan Bridge Town, -0.5 degrees in Yunyan service area, and 1.4 degrees in Leguang Meihua North service area.How cold is it in Guangdong this time?According to @ Guangdong Weather forecast at 11:00: affected by cold air and precipitation, this morning (20th) the province’s 86 national stations, 65 cities and counties (over 75%) recorded the lowest temperature this year, the largest range of the lowest temperature in Guangdong this year!In addition, the lowest temperature in The whole province was 2.8℃ in Liannan, yangshan, Ruyuan, Fergang, Yingde, Liping, Heping, Pingyuan and other places also recorded low temperature below 5℃, which welcomed the coldest morning in the local area. However, we never expected that this was not the lowest in this process, and the coldest temperature will be in Guangdong from tonight to tomorrow morning.At around 11 am today, 141 cold warning signals were in effect in Guangdong.Of these, 21 are red for cold and 120 are orange for cold.It rained from 8 o ‘clock yesterday to 8 o ‘clock today.It is expected that the lowest temperature will come on Monday. From 20th to 22nd, guangdong province will continue to experience rainy and cold weather due to the combined influence of strong cold air and precipitation. Most cities and counties in Guangdong will have heavy rain and local rainstorm precipitation from 20th to 21st, and visibility will be less than 2km during rain and fog.The temperature will continue to drop, and the lowest temperature will appear on 20th to 21st. Cities and counties in northern Guangdong and the central and northern parts of the Pearl River Delta will have low temperatures below 5℃. The lowest temperature in high altitude mountainous areas will be -3 ℃ ~ 0℃ with freezing, accompanied by local freezing rain or sleet, and the lowest temperature in Guangzhou will be about 5℃.There will be a northeasterly wind of level 6 ~ 9 on the sea surface of our province, and a northeasterly wind of level 5 ~ 7 on rivers and lakes.The specific forecast is as follows: 20, north Guangdong, pearl River Delta cities and counties have heavy rain local heavy rain, other cities and counties have moderate rain local heavy rain.The temperature difference between day and night is small, the lowest temperature in the daytime: 2 ~ 5℃ in cities and counties of northern Guangdong (-3 ℃ ~ 0℃ in mountainous areas of high altitude, with freezing, local freezing rain or sleet), 5℃ ~ 7℃ in cities and counties of the Pearl River Delta, 7℃ ~ 10℃ in western Guangdong and eastern Guangdong.On The 21st, most cities and counties in Guangdong province still had heavy rain, with shaoguan, Qingyuan and Zhaoqing experiencing moderate to light rain.The temperature difference between day and night is small, and the lowest temperature in the morning is 2℃ ~ 5℃ in the cities and counties of northern Guangdong (-3 ℃ ~ 0℃ in the mountainous areas of high altitude, with freezing, local freezing rain or sleet), 7℃ ~ 10℃ in the coastal cities and counties of southern Guangdong, and 5℃ ~ 7℃ in other cities and counties.22, the pearl River Delta east, eastern Guangdong, Heyuan and Meizhou cities and counties have moderate to heavy rain, other cities and counties cloudy, light rain partial moderate rain.The lowest temperature in the morning: 3℃ ~ 6℃ in cities and counties of northern Guangdong (-2 ℃ ~ 0℃ in mountainous areas with high altitude, freezing), 8℃ ~ 11℃ in coastal cities and counties of southern Guangdong, and 5℃ ~ 7℃ in other cities and counties.In addition, according to @Guangdong weather, the weather is still cold on 23rd, but it is expected to stop raining and see sunshine.Weather: The rainy and cold weather will last until 22nd, and the temperature will gradually rise after 23rd.There will be moderate to heavy rain on The 21st and moderate to heavy rain on the 22nd. During this period, the lowest temperature will drop to about 7℃. The daily temperature difference is small, and the body feels very cold.23 light rain to cloudy, low temperature overcast rain tends to end;Outlook 24-25 cloudy to sunny, temperature difference between day and night increase, cold in the morning and evening.Important caveat: The coldest weather will be on Monday, business day.Go to work, school friends, tomorrow wear more, more, more oh ~ source of Southern Metropolis Daily (NDDaily), N video, South +, Guangdong weather, Guangzhou weather, qingyuan weather, shaoguan weather more content please download 21 financial APP